Nick Lachey WILL NOT be Raising His Children In LA

Nick Lachey WILL NOT be Rasing His Children In LA

98 degree singer Nick Lachey who is married to Vanessa Minnillo has come out and said he has absolutely no intention of raising his children in LA.  Nick and Vanessa have one child, a son, Camden John Lachey who was born in September 2012.

Vanessa and Nick plan on raising their little boy in Ohio, because they do not think that LA is any place to raise children.  The couple live in LA right now but when Camden gets older they plan to move to Nick’s hometown of Cincinatti, Ohio.  Nick had this to say to ABC, ”I’ve never embraced the idea of raising my kid in Los Angeles.”
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Introducing Tummy Time To Your Baby

Introducing Tummy Time To Your Baby

The day after we brought Baby C home from the hospital we read through the discharge papers and it said to start tummy time as early as 2 weeks. I was hesitant because Baby C was so tiny but my husband said, “he’ll be fine” and put Baby C on his belly at 2 1/2 weeks. Baby C did great and he actually didn’t mind it but only for 5-10 minutes.

Fast forward to a couple months later and he would tolerate tummy time for about 10-15 minutes before he started to fuss and get frustrated.… [read more]

Britney Spears & Sons: LA Dodgers Fans


Britney Spears and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James are baseball fans!

The pop singer shared a cute picture of her and the boys posing together while sitting in the dugout of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Go Los Angeles Dodgers!!!!!!!!” Spears captioned the photo via her Facebook page.

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FourPeas: Cool Stuff For Hip Kids

Ava and Her FourPeas Backpack
Today, Ava is headed to her weekly playgroup and she is taking along her FourPeas backpack.

This backpack is Ava’s new accessory when she goes out and is perfect for her playgroup. It is toddler sized, so she can carry it, but it’s still big enough to carry a sippy cup, snacks and her favorite stuffed toy of the moment (Elmo). I love the unique design and bright colors of the backpack. The personalization on the front flap also ensures that the bag doesn’t get mixed up in large group meetings.

Established in 2003, FourPeas creates uniquely designed bags for kids. There backpacks and lunch bags are made with superior materials and can be personalized with your child’s name.

Celeb kids like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck‘s daughter Violet Affleck love these cool bags.

The bag pictured above is the FourPeas Toddler Rainbow Toddler backpack and runs for $25.00.

Check out FourPeas to see there other designs.

Jessica Simpson Bumps To Family Party

Semi-Exclusive... Pregnant Jessica Simpson Attends Party At Her Mom's House

Jessica Simpson, her fiance Eric Johnson and their daughter Maxwell stopped by her mom’s house for a party in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 17).

The pregnant Fashion Star mentor dressed in a comfortable black outfit while giving her sore feet a rest in running shoes.  Johnson followed behind with their 11-month-old who looked adorable in a pink summer jumper.… [read more]

Cute Daddy Alert: John Travolta Takes Son Benjamin For A Stroll In Sydney, Australia

Cute Daddy Alert: John Travolta Takes Son Benjamin For A Stroll In Sydney, Australia

John Travolta stepped out with his adorable three-year-old son Benjamin in Sydney, Australia on April 18, 2013. John waved to the camera while Benjamin was having a fun time swinging his Spongebob Squarepants doll around!  John was causally dressed in torn jeans, black top and flip flops.  John still has that tiny growth of hair on his chin, I guess he thinks it looks good, wrong!

John was out exploring the sites with Benjamin who clutched on to his daddy.  Although John’s wife Kelly Preston and their 13-year-old daughter Ella are in Australia, they decided to skip the outing.

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