Gwen Stefani Styles While Making The School Run

Gwen Stefani Drops Off Zuma At School

Gwen Stefani was spotted dropping of her youngest son Zuma at school in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday  (July 17, 2013).

The No Doubt singer looked stylish in a black leather blouse, white ankle jeans and booties while holding the younsters hand.  Zuma was dressed in a Ninja Turtles shirt and basketball shorts.… [read more]

Jason Biggs & Wife Expecting First Child

Arrested Development 4 Season Premiere in LA

Jason Biggs is going to be a dad!

While appearing on Chelsea Lately, The American Pie actor announced that he and his wife Jenny Mollen are expecting their first child together.

 “Her breasts are very big these days. Would you like to know why?” he told Handler after the host made a comment about his wife’s large bust size in a photo he had shown. “‘Cause I put a baby in her belly!”

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Ava’s Sesame Street Birthday Party

Ava's Sesame Street Party

Happy Birthday!

This passing Saturday I celebrated my daughter, Ava’s second birthday with friends and family. As mentioned earlier in the month, I had planned her a Sesame Street party.

As the big planner, my day started out a little stressful. I had to get out early and have the helium balloons blown up and then somehow sneak them into the house. Decorating the house without her knowing was even harder! She knew something was up when dada kept taking her in the other room. First when I got home, then when her cake arrived and finally the catering. Luckily she got up early, so by mid-morning she was really tired and took a nap. I decorated the house hoping she would only wake before her guests arrived.

I think she was in Sesame Street paradise when she woke! The first thing she said was, “ELMO!” and started running around taking in all the decorations. Once all our guest arrived, she got a little timid because she is not used to so many people in the house, but after a while she opened up. … [read more]

Honey Boo Boo Is Officially Retired From Pageants

Honey Boo Boo Is Officially Retired From Pageants

In a move that not even Nene Leaks would approve of, Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo has retired from pageants. It’s not just oh she quit the scene but she’s giving up what originally shot her to fame. That’s before she even won the highest title.

But yes this is the end. Her mom, Mama June, says they’re too busy. They have their wildly popular TV show and Alana was only doing pageants during the summer and weekend.  Mama June is also busy helping her eldest with her granddaughter. So hey something had to give.  Unfortunately that had to be Honey Boo Boo’s dream of the stage.

June confirmed to In touch Honey Boo Boo is done, “We haven’t done a pageant for a while, because we’re so busy with our show [TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo] and school and life in general.”

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