Staying Healthy During Pregnancy #BumpUpYourCalcium

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy - Bump Up Your Calcium Intake

It's hard to explain just how much joy you feel when finding out you're pregnant. Not only is there an excitement about becoming a mom, but to experience pregnancy for the first time. For nine months, your body will be working around the clock to grow a human life. It's … [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks to Stay Active and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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Your health can undergo seem serious twists and turns during the winter. Seemingly endless feasts full of delicious sweets and treats are a holiday staple, but can slow you down. During the colder months, it's so tempting to curl up on the couch, enjoy a roaring fire while … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holiday Season

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November is almost over and that means holiday planning is just around the corner! Between get-togethers, shopping, work events and more the holiday season keeps moms on their feet. I know if I don't manage my time wisely, I defintely become overwhelmed with little-to-no … [Read more...]