5 Things That Will Become Your Best Friends as a Mom (#AventMoms Giveaway)

5 Things That Will Become Your Best friends as a Mom #AventMoms

Moms are constantly busy and sometimes it feels like we can't get a minute to ourselves. With active nine-month-old twin girls and an always on-the-go kindergartener, I understand this well! Extra help is a blessing, but it can't alway come in the form of another person-dad or … [Read more...]

Best Books for Parents Expecting Twins

Best Books for Parents Expecting Twin

Finding out you’re pregnant is an exciting time most women. I'm a mother of twins and I know how thrilling it can be to learn you're having twins, but overwhelming at the same time. To be honest, I almost fell off the doctor's desk when he said, "Oh... It looks like we have … [Read more...]

Joovy New Nook Review


As a mom of three children, I understand that transitioning to solids is a huge milestone in a baby's life. From the different colors and textures of the food to learning to open up their mouth, everything is completely new. To help ease this process it's important to invest … [Read more...]

DockATot Deluxe Lounger Review

Review: Dockatot Deluxe Lounger

The DockaTot Deluxe Lounger is not only a must have baby product for celeb moms, but everyday parents like you and me! My first encounter with the DockATot brand was at the ABC Expo in Las Vegas, while I was pregnant with my twin girls in 2015. As an expectant mom, I … [Read more...]

4moms High Chair Review

4moms HighChair Review

Most people would agree that having twins is a challenge. It's almost impossible to explain just how much harder twin babies are to singletons. Not just because they are twice the work, but they take up twice the space! Just imagine having two of everything - crib, … [Read more...]