Books to Teach the Alphabet to Your Young Child


All children need to learn the alphabet at some point in their life, and the sooner, the better! A great way to introduce the alphabet to your child at a young age is to read alphabet books. Not sure where to start? Here are four book titles approved by my three that are perfect for teaching the alphabet to your own child. … [read more]

Fun With Colors App: Inspiring Creativity While Learning About Colors

Fun With Colors App

My almost 3-year-old daughter, Ava, has been attending a local playschool / preschool for the last three months. At her age, she is being introduced to basic principles like colors, shapes, the alphabet and counting. Learning is done in a relaxed and natural way by relating concepts with everyday life. 

I try to inspire her to learn in the same way when she is not at school. Being that she is already tech savvy, I often promote interactive learning with apps that are specifically designed to make learning fun. The new app from Bastei Entertainment, Fun With Colors does just that. The app which is beautifully designed teaches the colours of the world to preschoolers with a variety of activities to inspire creativity and intellectual growth.… [read more]

Heinz Little Kids Snacks: Road Trip & On-the-Go Essential

Heinz Little Kids Snacks: Road Trip & On-the-Go Essential

Like many families this summer, my family will be taking a road trip for our week long vacation. We’re heading to the Lake George region of upstate New York. My parents took me each summer till I was eighteen, so I’m excited to continue the tradition with my almost 3-year-old daughter, Ava, this summer.

The drive from door to door is almost 3 hours hours. This may seem like a short road trip, but anyone that has children knows that a 3 hour road trip can feel like an eternity with a toddler. That’s why I prepare small snacks and toys to keep my daughter happy and entertained during the time. … [read more]

Laura’s Star and the Dream-Monster: Imaginative and Interactive Storytelling


Klaus Baumgart’s series continues in another delightful and interactive adventure in Laura Star and the Dream-Monster. Bastei Entertainment’s storybook app lets children take part in the tale. More than 60 animations in all scenes, funny sound effects and narratives available in three languages await.

As your tot slides their finger across the starry sky, a trail of magical twinkling stars follow. Touch Laura’s Star and the others light up the sky. In the following page, your child will discover toys sitting on shelves that will come alive with their touch; every page has something new to discover.… [read more]

Watch the New National Geographic Kids Channel With Roku #Giveaway

National Geographic Kids Channel Roku
Curious kids just got one more resource to keep them exploring! 
As a National Geographic Kids Insider, I recently had the opportunity to preview the newly launched National Geographic Kids channel on Roku. The channel gives young fans of National Geographic Kids a new exciting way to explore subjects that spark their interest in the world. Kids go on an adventure with fun-filled shows packed with amazing animals, original music videos, and National Geographic‘s stunning cinematography. These programs are designed especially for kids from 4 to 10, but younger and older children will also enjoy the fun.… [read more]

Sphero 2.0: Revolutionizing Game Play #GetSphero


You could say we’re a tech savvy family! My husband and I both have iPad Mini’s and our almost 3-year-old daughter, Ava, inherited my old iPad last year. I’m always on the lookout for new technology that can enhance the use of our devices, so I was excited to learn about Sphero 2.0, an intelligent robotic ball that has completely revolutionized game play on a mobile devices.

Sphero 2.0 is the world’s first app-controlled robotic ball and game system that connects wirelessly to the virtual world with mobile apps, enabling new game play for mobile devices including: robotic movement, kinetic motion, controller support and augmented reality capabilities. Individuals can choose from over 25 apps available for iOS and Android that allow you to play with the robotic ball in a multitude of ways.… [read more]