4moms High Chair Review

4moms HighChair Review

Most people would agree that having twins is a challenge. It's almost impossible to explain just how much harder twin babies are to singletons. Not just because they are twice the work, but they take up twice the space! Just imagine having two of everything - crib, … [Read more...]

Baby-Wearing Made Easy With The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE

Baby-Wearing Made Easy - LILEBaby COMPLETE

When first time parents create a baby registry list they tend to think of the most obvious items at first - diapers, wipes, a stroller and cute outfits. These are must products, but what other items are too? As a mother of three, one essential baby product I would recommend … [Read more...]

Haylie Duff & Daughter Love the New 4moms High Chair


Haylie Duff and her 1-year-old daughter, Ryan recently celebrated the release of the latest must have baby product to hit the market - the innovative 4moms high chair. In the photo released of the pair, the Real Girls Kitchen star smiles happily at her daughter … [Read more...]

SU BACH London: Luxury For Your Baby (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

SU BACH London: Luxury For Your Baby (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

You and I both know that as moms, luxury isn’t a word we come across very often. Sometimes going to the bathroom alone is considered luxury in our world. Am I right? I am so excited to introduce you to SU Bach London and tell you about how they brought luxury back into my life. … [Read more...]

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

As a new parent to my four year old, Ava, I remember checking on her every five minutes just to ensure she was breathing. I think this is a normal thing for every new and veteran parent. You make sure you lay them in their crib just right and make sure there’s nothing around … [Read more...]