Send Holiday Cheer With Snoopy’s Cookie Jar by Teleflora

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The holidays are a magical time of year – especially if you have kids running around the house.  My 4 year old daughter Ava has literally been counting down the days until Christmas for weeks, and I have been trying to keep her occupied and distracted by decorating the house … [Read more...]

The Peanuts Movie: Our Family Review


Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang are practically members of our family, and my four-year-old daughter Ava is a huge fan of the classic Charles Schulz comic-inspired cartoons and toys. What I love the most about Charlie Brown and Snoopy is that my daughter, my self, and even my mother … [Read more...]

The Peanuts Movie – Interview With Francesca Capaldi – The Little Red Haired Girl

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'The Peanuts Movie' arrived in theaters across the country—bringing the world the first-ever 3D CGI Peanuts feature film. It’s a major moment for Peanuts, and it’s also major for a little 11-year-old, red-haired actress named Francesca Capaldi. You might recognize her from Disney … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Summertime Fun with Peanuts Products from Target

Giveaway: Summertime Fun with Peanuts Products from Target

The summer is approaching and that means hours of outdoor fun for me and my almost 4-year-old daughter, Ava. Like most kids, she loves spending as much time as possible in the summer sun and now that she is a older there are a whole slew of new things she can enjoy. Her new … [Read more...]