National Geographic Kids – Meet Charlie Engelman – The Man Behind ‘Nature Boom Time’


National Geographic is making sure the next generation of kids will grow up to be nature-lovers. Nat Geo Wild created a Kids’ Block that brings 2-hours of quality programming that is both educational and fun. As part of the time that ignites an eagerness to learn about the world … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids National Park & Junior Ranger Books – Get Your Children Excited About Exploring


My 4-year-old daughter, Ava, is becoming quite the little explorer – she loves animals and being outdoors, and I love that she is interested in something other than her electronics. It’s important to encourage your kids to get outside and get some fresh air, so I have been … [Read more...]

Review: National Geographic Book Of Nature Poetry (Holiday Gift Guide)

National Geographic Kids: Book of Nature Poetry

National Geographic was a huge part of my childhood, and I am making it a point to incorporate their amazing books in to my four year old daughter Ava’s childhood as well. As you all know, reading aloud to your youngster’s is an integral piece of them learning to read and … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids Guide To Photography – Amazing Resource For Little Photographers

National Geographic Kids Guide To Photography – Amazing Resource from Little Photographers

Photography is a fun hobby for kids, and it can even evolve in to a valuable skill and possibly even a career some day. My daughter Ava is only 3-years-old, but she is absolutely obsessed with taking pictures – and posing for pictures. She disappears with my smart phone and comes … [Read more...]

World Lion Day: Help Save Big Cats #5forBigCats


More than ever the plight of lions has been in the news with the horrific killing of Cecil in Zimbabwe. Countless individuals have spoken out against the killing of this beautiful animal via Facebook, but now it's time to go further. Words create a movement, but action … [Read more...]