Kelly Rowland Is Sick Of People Asking Questions About Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy

kelly rowland at the Steel Supafest Sydney AustraliaKelly Rowland is sick of people trying to inquiry about close friend Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy.

“There were all kind of reports. Poor baby Blue can’t come into the world without everyone wanting to know her business,” says Kelly.

“She’s just a baby with her mother and father and all the time they have together with their baby is just between them.”

Rowland insists she is not going to answer questions about Blue Ivy in the future.

“It’s not between the rest of the world. So every time there is a question (about them) I don’t want to say anything for their sake,” she added.

Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams Are Fond Of Blue Ivy

Destiny Child Hollywood Walk Of Fame CeremonyDestiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams(the other Michelle Williams)| have been doting of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s little wondergirl. The former bandmates of Beyonce have gone to see their friend and say that the couple have taken very well to their new roles of parenthood. Williams said Blue Ivy: “She is absolutely gorgeous. We were all in love. Beyonce and Jay-Z have already settled into their role of being parents, and it’s just awesome to see.”

Did seeing Blue Ivy inspire Michelle Williams? She said upon seeing the baby: “They might have inspired me a little bit, but this ring finger got to get a little more heavy first!”

Asked about the looks of Blue Ivy, Rowland responded during the BET honors awards in Washington: “That will be something that everybody will have to experience the same way I did. That’s for her parents to disclose, not myself.” Too bad, Blue Ivy’s looks are still a mystery. How much longer can we go on like this?

When asked about how she felt about having kids and babysitting, Rowland responded :”I will babysit and change a diaper or two, and then give it back. I do want kids, but every time I think about a little person growing inside of me and getting bigger and bigger and then having to come out – a watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon is insane to me.”


Kelly Rowland Reveals Beyonce Is Having A Girl

Kelly Rowland and BeyonceKelly Rowland accidentally revealed the gender of pregnant Beyonce’s baby-to-be to Us Weekly at the Cosmopolitan Awards in London Thursday night.

“I don’t know,” Rowland said.  “I think her dad is gonna give her everything anyways, all I can give her is love.”

Rowland went on to say that she doesn’t think the baby will be to spoiled.

“I think she’ll be very well behaved,” Rowland replied.

“Her parents will make sure of that.”

Kelly Rowland Wants To Babysit For Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Kelly RowlandKelly Rowland has already signed herself up to babysit Beyonce and Jay-Z’s unborn child!

“I am so happy for her and her husband [Jay-Z]”

“I get to babysit, yes!” she gushed.

So does Rowland have babies on the brain, too?

“Kids!?” Unh-unh,” she laughed.

“I’ll help take care of my ‘sister’ and her husband’s baby first. I’m not ready for babies yet. I can watch them take care of this little baby.”


Kelly Rowland: Beyonce Will Be A Great Mom

Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Former Destiny Child member, Kelly Rowland believes Beyonce will be and good mother.

“I think she’ll be an incredible mother, because she’s always been motherly,” Rowland told at Sunday’s House of Hype VMAs afterparty.

“She takes so many traits from her mother, and I just think it’s going to be so natural for her. It’s natural for her now!”

Rowland was not surprised when Beyonce announced she was pregnant at MTV Video Awards.  She admits she has know about the pregnancy “for quite awhile,”.

Rowland said the couple have already begun looking at baby names, she was hesitant to reveal any clues.

A source revealed on Monday that Beyonce is  “close to three months along” in her pregnancy. The source also said the two are very excited.
“She wasn’t going to announce it but she is so excited she couldn’t hold it in.”

“Jay is ecstatic and over the moon,” the insider said. “He really wanted this so badly.”