Kate Middleton To Give Birth At Any Time. Royals Are Waiting By The Phone!

Prince William & Pregnant Kate Visit Warner Bros. Studio

The royal family are just as anxious as the public to meet England’s future King or Queen.

While visiting Little Harbour children’s hospice at Porthpean near St Austell, Cornwall on Monday (July 15), Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall revealed that they are eagerly awaiting the baby’s arrival.

“We are all just waiting by the telephone,” Camilla told the Daily Mail. “We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here.”

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Kate Middleton and Prince Williams Child Will Be Named After Princess Diana

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams Child Will Be Named After Princess Diana

The whole world seems to be on pins and needles waiting for word that Kate Middleton is finally in labor. In a sea of bad news the birth of a royal heir is a bright spot and people have been placing bets on potential details for months. Birth date, weight, name it has all been up for grabs and open to debate. According to the July 22nd print edition of Star Magazine Kate’s gynecologist has admitted that he has given up his evening drinks in order to ensure that he is absolutely ready to care for the Duchess whenever the time comes.

Through out her pregnancy Kate has made it clear that while she respects the old royal traditions, not every one will be followed by her. For instance she will spend those first weeks of motherhood at home with the Middletons rather than under lock down behind the palace walls.

She and Prince William have also decided to honor his late mother, Princess Diana in their new babies name. According to a well placed source, Spencer will be the childs’ middle name regardless of the gender. Old school thinking would have meant that if the baby was a girl then Diana would be in their somehow. Instead the modern mom-to-be loves the idea of Spencer for either a prince or princess.… [read more]

Snooki Offers Up Baby Advice to Kate Middleton – What Would Your Advice Be?

Snooki Offers Up Baby Advice to Kate Middleton - What Would Your Advice Be?

It seems like everyone is on Royal baby watch right now. The media is already camped out waiting for any sign that Kate Middleton might be in labor. Everyone loves the excitement of a new baby and a royal heir takes that to a completely different level.  Kate and Prince William’s baby will make everyone forget about the reality whore and her rapper baby daddy that just delivered a few weeks ago too.

Strip away the castle, money and endless fashion possibilities and Kate, at root is a nervous first time mom to be, probably soaking up every bit of advice that she can find. Fellow new first time mom, Nicole Snooki Polizzi has written a letter to the Duchess dolling out advice here and there.… [read more]

Kate Middleton’s Baby WILL Be Born This Week According To Her Cousin

Kate Middleton's Baby WILL Be Born This Week According To Her Cousin

The current issue of Life & Style features the cover story “Kate’s New Mom Diary.”   The magazine has  managed to grab an interview with Kate Middleton’s cousin Lillian Lowers.  In the interview Lillian predicts that Kate and Prince William‘s new son or daughter will probably be born this week.  “I think it’s going to happen in the next few days.” Lillian exclusively tells Life & Style. “No one could be more enthusiastic than me.”

Lillian is descended from Kate’s mother’s side of the family and she is from New South Wales, Australia.  The full story will appear in the upcoming edition of L&S, which hits newsstands tomorrow.  So I am sure she has some inside information on what is going on.

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Everybody Loves a New Baby – Especially a Royal Heir!

Everybody Loves a New Baby - Especially a Royal Heir!

Remember when Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was first confirmed? It was like this shocking, happy bit of news. Royal watchers were almost shocked to hear that it was true, after wishing it to happen since the minute Kate and Prince William married.  Fans have watched the Duchess gain minimal weight and dress her bump in a decidedly modern style. For some reason we care to know that Queen Elizabeth has no say in the nursery design and people are placing bets on all the baby stats. If you happen to pick the right day, time, weight and gender you could win some cold, hard cash.

Why do we care so much? Ironically when Kim Kardashian gave birth to Nori a few weeks ago everyone wanted details and this might be the first time that Kris Jenner completely blew it. No photos, nothing from Kim or Kanye. At first the silence was nice, it looked like maybe Kim was learning to value something besides her own press. But guess what, after about two weeks the novelty wore off and we kind of don’t care any more. All attention is on the next royal-to-be.… [read more]

Kate Middleton Scheduled To Give Birth This Week

Kate Middleton Scheduled To Give Birth This Week

Kate Middleton the Duchess Of Cambridge and her husband Prince William are said to be expecting the arrival of their first child this week.  All Kate’s engagements have been cancelled for this week, leading people to believe the due date is correct.  People are anxiously awaiting the Royal birth, the last time there was so much interest in a Royal birth was when Princess Diana was pregnant with William.

Even thought Kate’s due date is believed to be this Saturday Royal Watchers say that the birth could happen sooner.  Kate is expected to give birth at The Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital a Royal favorite.  This is where Princess Diana had William.

William has promised to be at the birth of his first child and although he is still working as a search-and-rescue pilot at RAF Valley in Anglesey he is said to have a helicopter at the ready.   He intends to be there when Kate gives birth and hopes to be the one who drives her to the hospital.  A source said: “William will want to fly because it avoids any traffic snarl-ups or train delays.  He’s promised Kate he will be there. It just shows how serious he is about being a modern father. ”

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