Kate Plus 8 Reunion Recap June 19, 2014: “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 1” #KatePlus8


Tonight on TLC Kate Gosselin and her brood return for a reunion special of Kate Plus 8.  The reunion special will be two parts and it is called, "Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 1.”  Kate and her husband Jon Gosselin use to have a very popular reality show called, Jon & … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin’s Twins Make Better Impression On The View


Kate Gosselin's twins, Cara and Mady, have been in the spotlight for the past week for what many media outlets and people have deemed a very awkward interview given on NBC's The Today Show. The mother will certainly be much more pleased with their performance on Monday Jan. … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin Uses New Column “Adventures With My 8” to Try and Fit in With Normal Moms

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon 2012

It looks like Kate Gosselin may have finally come to her senses and found a better track for herself. Instead of being hell-bent on morphing into a Hollywood star- a career path that seems to have failed miserably for Kate- she's instead realizing that she actually can connect … [Read more...]