Cafe Offers Breastfeeding Moms a Welcoming Break

breastfeeding A simple sign hanging outside a British restaurant won applauds from parents across the country. And now, a picture of the scrawled chalkboard welcoming breastfeeding mothers has gone viral. 

The French restaurant owned by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc hung a chalkboard on an umbrella outside the restaurant which read:… [read more]

Review Confirms No Link Between Vaccines and Autism


A new review of studies examining the safety of childhood vaccines has confirmed that vaccines are safe and effective. 

Although vaccines have eliminated many communicable diseases, some parents still choose not to vaccinate their children. The researchers hope that the findings will dissipate fears propagated by  antivaccine campaigners like Jenny McCarthy and Alicia Silverstone

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Olympic Runner Races while 34 Weeks Pregnant

Alysia-Montano-Pregnant-Olympian-Racing-Sugar-Daily-4Pregnant Olympian, Alysia Montano has the internet abuzz as she completed an 800m race in Sacramento this week, in just over 2 minutes. 

The 5 time U.S. National champion had the green light from doctors. She ran 35 seconds slower than her personal best. Although she finished last –  Alysia performed at a level most would still struggle to compete at. And her efforts were met with a standing ovation. … [read more]