Opinions Clash Over Celebrity Culture & Your Teen


Kids who keep up with pop culture are more like likely to have a “well-rounded knowledge” of modern life, according to James Bennett, an academic in television and digital culture at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Speaking before the international Celebrity Studies Journal conference, Dr Bennett suggests that taking a greater interest in celebrity culture can boost understanding of politics, morality and the economy. 

He cites Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer and Madonna’s adoption as examples of introducing kids to important issues:… [read more]

Frozen Baby Names On The Rise


The Frozen obsession has reached new grounds. Names from the widely popular Disney movie  are making their way on to the list of most popular baby names. 

Elsa has soared from rank outsider to number 88 in a list of the most popular names so far this year. According to experts, the name has broken the top 100 due to children convincing their parents to name new baby sisters after the popular heroine. … [read more]

#SaveEliza: Family Breaks Fundraising Record To Save Little Girl

Eliza O’Neill is racing against the clock. The 3 year old was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome – the most  severe form of the genetic debilitating disorder. The clinical-trial costs are an overwhelming $2.5 million. And her parents, undeterred by the challenge, have rallied internet supporters and already broken online fundraising records. Read on to see how the campaign came together and hear from Eliza’s little brother. … [read more]