Stress During Pregnancy May Affect Later Generations

Pregnant woman at work with laptop looking stressedA new Canadian study found that stress during pregnancy can be passed on to babies and affect pregnancies for generations to come. 

The researchers at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta used rats in their study which found that daughters of stressed mothers experienced high glucose levels, shorter pregnancies and a higher likelihood of giving birth prematurely. 

In addition, the study revealed the long lasting potential of stress: … [read more]

Touching Video Project Captures Premature Babys’ First 100 Days

At 26 weeks – 3 months premature, Walker Pruett entered the world at 1lb 3oz. 

He was so fragile, that his parents were not able to hold him for the first 5 days of his life. Walter’s parents watched hopefully as their son grew stronger – and the transformation – captured in the video above, is touching, hopeful and nothing short of miraculous. 

Created by a team of volunteer photographers, the video is part of the Capturing Hopes Photography’s “Project 100 Days.” The series documents the transformation of premature babies in neonatal intensive care unit. … [read more]