Outdoor Fourth of July Games That Kids Won’t Tire Of


Fourth of July is an exciting time filled with fun games and fireworks. It’s the time of year when you gather together with family and friends to cookout and spend some quality time together. However, while the adults are talking and reminiscing about old times, you need something for the kids to do so they won’t get bored and restless. Below are three fun Fourth of July games for kids that will keep them happy and entertained throughout the day.… [read more]

Staples Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him #Giveaway


Men are not the only ones who have trouble thinking of the perfect present to get their significant other on Valentine’s Day. Giving a bouquet of red roses and a heart-shapped box of chocolates just doesn’t invoke the same emotional response from a man. Still, men deserve to be appreciated just as much on Valentine’s Day as woman. Staples Canada understands this and has created the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him.… [read more]

Stokke Handysitt: A Portable Seat #HolidayGiftGuide #Review


As parents of babies and tots, there are few things that enjoy the comfort of the trunk of our car as much as our portable seats. Well, maybe besides the stroller so it could come in at number 2 although I find that with my daughter, Ava, being 2-and-a-half I use the stroller less and less. If I want to actually enjoy my meal while we’re out having supper as a family, I simply cannot forget the prized little tool. The problem with portable seats, of course, is that they’re not all made equal. Your child might love one and thus allow you to have that juicy steak and sip on that glass wine at will, but with another you’ll feel like supper would of been best at home. We’ve ran through a few portable seats over the last 2 years as Ava tends to be quite picky about these things, and if she’s not completely enamored by her seat she’ll tend to not let mommy and daddy enjoy that very coveted sip from the wine glass.

We’ve had plastic seats, wooden seats, padded seats, unpadded seats, and adjustable seats. Like I said, we’ve had a few, maybe a few too many – and by extension a few too few wine glass sips – so this is a topic we’re very well acquainted with. We also travel a decent bit, Ava having already toured a decent part of Europe as well as enjoying the beaches of the Dominican Republic and even the deep woods of a North American camp ground. She’s as well rounded as it gets for her. Our most recent addition to our family of portable seats is the Stokke® HandySitt® , pictured just below.… [read more]

Tommee Tippee 360° Sealer Review: Making Diaper Time Stink a Little Less! #HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway


Lets talk about poop!

Has there every been a parent that loves their baby’s poop? It’s not so bad when a baby is tiny and breastfeeding, but after that point diaper time gets more and more unbearable. Poop stinks in more ways than one for parents!  Not only does the smell of your child’s poop make you want to pass out, but then you have to basically incinerate the diaper to get it from perfuming the house with those lovely ‘fumes’.

So how do you solve this stinky problem?… [read more]

Strider Balance Bike: Life’s More Fun on Two Wheels #HolidayGiftGuide #Review


Learning how to ride a bike is the biggest achievement a child acomplishes at a young age. It’s not an easy accomplishment either. I remember the mixed feeling I had from the anxiety of not wanting to part with my training wheels to the fear of falling down, I was petrified of failing. That’s why I was excited to learn about Strider, a company that has developed an innovative balance bike that eliminates the fear of learning to ride a bike.

Strider Bikes helps children as young as 18 months old learn the basics of riding a bike. Also know as a ‘balance bike’, children learn the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering, without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. This unique design teaches young children to balance on two wheels right from the start which helps avoid developmental delays that are typical of tricycles and training-wheel bikes.… [read more]

Stop Your Holiday Shopping Stress This Year #HotHolidayToys

Mattel Hot Holiday Toys

I don’t know about you, but every Holiday season I tell myself that this is the year that all of my shopping gets done early – no crowds, no running to different stores to find that one special gift my baby just has to have, no stress! Every year, that doesn’t seem to happen! Let’s face it, planning and executing these elaborate holiday plans is like one of those New Year’s resolutions that gets made at 12:00 only to be broken at 12:01. I always have too many things to do, it’s always tomorrow or next week, until finally it’s the 22nd or 23rd and once again I have to engage the massive herds of procrastinators, people just like myself.

Engage you might, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all your elbow-rubbing, pushing and shoving, and just overall pack-like behavior will go on to be a fruitful enterprise. It’s just as likely, or in my case more likely, that your going-to-war mentality will leave you empty handed as someone snatches that coveted toy only moments before you get there, making you have to run across town in hopes of finding that oh-so-elusive toy that’s now become a personal mission in need of a satisfactory conclusion – your personal gratification depends on it. That only means more gas, more time, more stress while there are no guarantees that you’ll even find what you’re looking for. All of this in frigid temperatures!… [read more]