How to Host a Frugal St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

How to Host a Frugal St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to feast on traditional Irish foods. If you want to plan a St. Patrick’s Day dinner with your family and friends, take a look below at some helpful tips to help you do just that. Below you will find tips on how to host a frugal St. Patrick’s Day dinner, so you can put on a beautiful feast without breaking the bank. Here is how you can get started!

1. Shop for meat now.
Prices on corned beef tend to fluctuate the closer the holiday is. Start browsing corned beef now so if you find a good price you can buy the cut and freeze it. You can also start talking to your grocery store butcher to see when he advises you grab your cut. He may offer some helpful suggestions.

2. Supplement with potatoes and other frugal veggies.
Potatoes are a traditional Irish food and one of the cheapest on the menu. Create some hearty potato dishes to bulk up your meal for less. Baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, or potatoes chopped and added to your corned beef are all great choices. Carrots and onions are also frugal veggie choices and can be added to the meat dish or roasted on the side.… [read more]

Tips and Tricks to Stay Active and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

active lifestyle

Your health can undergo seem serious twists and turns during the winter. Seemingly endless feasts full of delicious sweets and treats are a holiday staple, but can slow you down. During the colder months, it’s so tempting to curl up on the couch, enjoy a roaring fire while relaxing on your warm and cozy sofa. All these factors can cause your vitamin D to plummet, thanks to retreating indoors. Bust out of those habits and use some of these tips and tricks to stay active and healthy during the holidays.

Be active as a family! If you have friends or family members encouraging you and keeping you from making excuses, you will be more motivated to keep on the move. You might be surprised at how great kids are at reminding you to do something active! My 3, 6, and 10 year old won’t let me forget about our active living event of the day.

Working together, you’ll create memories and set an example of being active as a normal part of daily life. We love to take family walks. Grab the family dog, too! Bundle up and make it fun. You can stop at every corner for an activity, like seeing who can do the most jumping-jacks in thirty seconds. Baby it might be cold outside, but the sun can trigger vitamin D synthesis, keeping you healthy. The time will be a cherished memory that keeps you healthy and active.

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Holiday Game Night For a New Generation

Check out Hasbro Game Channel and experience MONOPOLY for a new era!


Monopoly Family Fun PackLiving a block away from my grandparents growing up, I would spend most of the holidays at their house. My mom’s two sisters and their families would come and stay at their house. The whole family would stay for over two weeks, so when Christmas Eve and Day were over we would find other things to do together as a family. That’s where our tradition of holiday game night was formed! With 5 kids and three competitive sisters our game nights could go on till the early hours of the morning! 

I have so many memorable memories of our holiday game nights. As a family, we often played guessing games like Charades and I used to crack up watching my grandmother act out her topic because she got so animated. We played board games too. Monopoly is my favorite board game, so it was always my favorite game to play. I can’t even begin to count the hours I have invested into becoming a Tycoon!  … [read more]

Planning Ahead To Make The Holidays Meaningful Within My Means

The holiday season is here! I must admit I am one of those people who over plans during the holiday season. I’m also a perfectionist so when the actual big day roles around I’m overstressed and have spent more money than I would have liked. That’s why I took SunTrust Bank‘s Meaningful within Your Means challenge, last month. It requires you to try or do something differently this year so that you can avoid a case of the “overs-” and create lasting meaningful memories of the holidays.

To fulfill my goal of not being overstressed during the holiday season I decided to plan better. I sat down and looked over SunTrust Bank‘s holiday planning guide. Then I created a budget planning spreadsheet to make sure I account for all those expenses that sneak up through the holiday season. I gave myself a budget on how much I would spend on new decorations for our new house, gifts and our annual Christmas Eve Party.

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Rice Krispie Treat Holiday Snowmen


What kid doesn’t love building a snowman? I love that these holiday Rice Krispie Treat Snowmen bring the fun of making the perfect snowman inside! Kids will have an easy time making the snowmen with a help of adult and then showing of their creativity while decorating the snowman with candy eyes, M&M buttons and a graham cracker Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup hat. … [read more]