Send Holiday Cheer With Snoopy’s Cookie Jar by Teleflora

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The holidays are a magical time of year – especially if you have kids running around the house.  My 4 year old daughter Ava has literally been counting down the days until Christmas for weeks, and I have been trying to keep her occupied and distracted by decorating the house … [Read more...]

Last minute Gift Guide Suggestions For Young Children

Last minute Gift suggestions for Children

When choosing the perfect gift for the little guy or gal in your life, sometimes you have to step outside of the box. I love every item on this list because they have put a smile on our face. Whether we’re singing along to tunes or sitting in a comfy chair watching our favorite … [Read more...]

Moff Band: The Smart Wearable Toy (Holiday Gift Guide)

Moff Band: The Smart Wearable Toy (Holiday Gift Guide)

When the holidays roll around, it can be tough to know exactly what to give the little guy or gal in your life. I mean there are so many choices, how do you choose just one? I want to introduce you to something my daughter Ava fell in love with this year. It’s called the Moff … [Read more...]

Mattel Holiday Gift Guide: It’s All About Barbie

Mattel Holiday Gift Guide: It's All About Barbie

I love brands that work well for boys and girls alike. One brand in particular that makes awesome toys for both worlds is Mattel. In a society full of toys, I feel as though I want to spend my money on toys that last and that come from a good brand. Mattel meets those … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Choice Collectibles Marvel Art Piece – Enforcers (Holiday Gift Guide)

Marvel Enforcers

The holidays are right around the corner, and we're all scrambling to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones on our shopping lists. Little boys can be the most difficult to shop for, especially if you are like me and always want to find “the perfect gift.”  I refuse to … [Read more...]