Welcome Back-To-School Notebook Cookies

Welcome Back-To-School Notebook Cookies

      School is back!  In our household, it was the start of kindergarten this week. Like many moms who have new kindergarteners, this will be the first time my child will be going to school five days a week. Most of her days will be spent away from home … [Read more...]

Easy Turtle Skillet Cookie

turtleskillEasy Turtle Skillet Cookieetcookie6

Looking for a dessert that looks like you spent hours making, but really took less than an hour? Then try making this delicious Turtle Skillet Cookie. Prep time is about 10 minutes and the actual cook time is 20ish minutes. No need to slave away! This cookie is the perfect … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cool Whip Pudding Pops

Chocolate Cool Whip Pudding Pops

It seems like summer snuck up on us this summer! It went from being cold to scorching hot in a matter of a day. The sweltering heat can get overwhelming and even more so if you're a kid during the summer months. How do you combat a unhappy sweaty kid? My Chocolate Cool Whip … [Read more...]

The Most Delicious Chocolate Chip Pancakes


It's almost June and that means the kids will be home from school for the summer.  One of their favorite meals of the days is breakfast, so try spicing up  your breakfast menu with these amazing chocolate chip pancakes. Not only will your children love eating … [Read more...]

Kitchen Fun With Kids: Guide to Teaching Your Child to Cook


This may be a bit redundant but the best way to have fun in the kitchen with kids is to make it fun! Make it appealing to them while still teaching kitchen safety and still of course clean up and you will have kids that are comfortable and enjoy being in the kitchen for the rest … [Read more...]