Chrissy Teigen: I Picked my Girl From her Little Embryo

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen sat down with People Magazine to promote her new cookbook Cravings, while opening about the process she and husband John Legend undertook to conceive. The swimsuit model revealed she selected the gender of their baby while … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

9 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Trying to get pregnant is hard on a person mentally and physically. All that consumes your mind day and night is that you’d like to be pregnant, but aren’t sure how to get to that point. There are things you can do to help boost your fertility. In fact, here are 9 ways you can … [Read more...]

My Conception Journey Has Come to an End – I’m Pregnant

Our Family Vacation in Turks & Caicos at The Somerset on Grace Bay

My conception journey has come to an end! I have entered the pregnancy stage! For those of you that follow Celeb Baby Laundry, you will have already learned that I'm pregnant with my second child. I found out in August, but only announced the happy news two weeks … [Read more...]

My Conception Journey: Will I learn I’m Pregnant this Month?

My Conception Journey: Will I learn I'm Pregnant this Month?

My conception journey continues! Last month, I revealed in a blog post that my husband and I had decided to expand our family for the second time. We sat down and thought about it seriously and came to the conclusion it was the right choice for us and our 4-year-old daughter, … [Read more...]

The Beginning of My Journey to Conceive a Second Time

The Beginning of My Journey to Conceive a Second Time

<br /> <iframe src=";src=4491027;type=Subca0;cat=46_ta0;ord=1?" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0" style="display:none"></iframe><br /> Deciding to start a family is the biggest decision a couple must … [Read more...]