Simple, But Tasty Red & Green M&M’S Cookies

Simple, But Tasty Red & Green M&M'S Cookies

  Looking for a last minute cookie recipe for the holidays? Then try these cookies that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes. All you need need is a box of white cake mix, M&M's and a few other simple ingredients. They taste great and no one will believe the … [Read more...]

Easy-to-Make Santa Waffle For Kids

Easy-to-Make Santa Waffles For Kids

Kids love their food dressed up! You only have to  browse Pinterest for a few seconds to realize how many different ways you can make a simple dinner look like you child's favorite animal, toy, hero and more. With the holidays around the corner this Santa inspired waffle is … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Ornaments

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Ornaments

Chances are if you celebrate Christmas, your tree has or is about to go up this week. Putting up a Christmas tree is a big job and there is nothing worse than wrapping the lights around the branches! When that is done though the fun begins! Parents and kids a like enjoy … [Read more...]