Julie Bowen & Family Spend Easter Sunday at The Famers Market

Julie Bowen & Family Spend Easter Shopping At The Farmers Market

Julie Bowen and husband Scott Phillips took their sons Oliver, John and Gustav shopping at a Farmers Markein Studio City, CA on Easter Sunday (March 31).

The Modern Family star looked to be having a ball as she laughed and giggled with her son. They stopped at a balloon stand and a dairy stand while shopping at the market.… [read more]

Vanessa & Nick Lachey’s Son Gets Hoppy


Vanessa Nick Lachey celebrated their first Easter holiday with their 6-month-old son Camden on Sunday (March 31).

From the photo the proud mom tweeted, it looks like the baby enjoyed the special day!

“‘Hoppy’ Easter!”  Vanessa captioned an adorable snapshot of Camden crawling with a fluffy bunny tail attached to the back of his checkered diaper cover.

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Britney Spears Attends Easter Service With Family

Britney Spears Enjoys Easter Church Service with the Fam

Britney Spears and her son Sean and Jayden attended Easter service with their entire family in Kentwood, Louisiana on Sunday (March 31).

The pop star wore a long dark floral design dress with boots while walking next to her mother and son Sean. Her younger sister, Jamie Lynn followed behind with fiance Jamie Watson and daughter Maddie.

After the service, the family headed to a low key barbecue at a friend’s house.… [read more]

Jessica Alba: Breakfast Day Out With The Girls

Jessica Alba And Her Girls Leaving Le Pain Quotidien

Jessica Alba stepped out with her girls Honor and Haven to enjoy a day with a friend while eating at  Le Pain Quotidien in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday (March 30).

The Machete star wore a white leather jacket over a shirt with green jeans and flats while pushing the 19-month-old in a running stroller.  Honor followed with a family friend while jumping up and down in the air.

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Beverley Mitchell Shows Off Maternity Photos


While sharing her maternity photos in a new blog postBeverley Mitchell opens up about remodeling her house with husband Michael Cameron for their future daughter.

The 7th Heaven star insists when she first became pregnant she thought the pregnancy was going to take forever, but after completely renovating their home in anticipation of their future bundle of the joy the time simply flew by.

“It is truly remarkable how quickly 39 weeks can fly by! At the beginning  it felt like this whole pregnancy thing was going to take forever but here I am, wishing for just a little more time.” she wrote.

“Michael and I have been busting our buns to complete our home renovation, and it was no small feat considering we repainted every surface of the house, put in new carpet, new tile, new fireplaces, all new furniture, new wallpaper, brand-new windows, all new lighting and re-insulated the whole house,” adding, “We really took this house project to a whole new level — I guess when I nest, I really nest!

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