Denise Richards’ Day Out With Eloise & Charlie Sheen’s Twins

Exclusive... Denise Richards Takes Charlie's Twins Shopping

Denise Richards, her daughter Eloise were spotted out with Charlie Sheen's twins Max and Bob shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, CA on Tuesday (June 18). Recently awarded temporary custody of Charlie's children with Brooke Mueller, the devoted mom took all three … [Read more...]

Denise Richards is Happy to Raise Charlie Sheen’s Other Kids

Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards Enjoy Sam's Soccer Game

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have a really complicated relationship nowadays and by complicated I mean- healthy. Somehow they recovered from years of issues and have gotten to the point where they can be friends, not just for the sake of the kids, but because they really … [Read more...]

Denise Richards Retains Custody Of Brooke Mueller’s Twins

Denise Richards Takes Her Daughters Shopping

Brooke Mueller who is currently doing her 20th stint in rehab went to court to try to get temporary custody of her four-year-old twin boys Bob and Max taken away from Denise Richards and given to her brother.  Many suspected that Brooke's motive was the $55,000 she gets paid … [Read more...]

Brooke Mueller Loses Custody Of Her Children Because Of “Unsafe Environment”

Brooke Mueller and Kids at The 18th Annual Dream Halloween Party in Santa Monica

Charlie Sheen's former wife Brooke Mueller had her twin boys, four-year-old Bob and Max taken from her house last night.  Children and Family Services deemed her house to be an "Unsafe Environment" for children.  Brooke has had a long history of drug abuse and headed back to … [Read more...]