Denise Richards’ Day Out With Eloise & Charlie Sheen’s Twins

Exclusive... Denise Richards Takes Charlie's Twins Shopping

Denise Richards, her daughter Eloise were spotted out with Charlie Sheen‘s twins Max and Bob shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, CA on Tuesday (June 18).

Recently awarded temporary custody of Charlie’s children with Brooke Mueller, the devoted mom took all three of the youngsters to a toy store to pick up some toys. After, the twins enjoyed a merry-go-round ride. … [read more]

REPORT: Brooke Mueller Has Never Been Alone With Her Twins

Brooke Mueller Enjoys A Night Out At Dan Tana's

The possibility of Brooke Mueller getting a judge to reinstate custody of her 4-year-old twin children, Bob and Max are looking more slim by the day.

According to RadarOnline, the ex of Charlie Sheen has  has never been alone with their boys.

“Brooke has never been alone with the twins, ever. Since the time they were born, she has always had nannies, or help from her family. She doesn’t know how to care for Bob and Max’s basic daily needs, and views them as play things,” a source told. “The boys would spend the majority of their time with their nannies. Brooke would try and eat breakfast with them, if she was able to be roused in the mornings. Brooke never goes to the twins preschool, in which the parents are encouraged to participate. It’s always the nannies.”

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Denise Richards Retains Custody Of Brooke Mueller’s Twins

Denise Richards Retains Custody Of Brooke Mueller's Twins

Brooke Mueller who is currently doing her 20th stint in rehab went to court to try to get temporary custody of her four-year-old twin boys Bob and Max taken away from Denise Richards and given to her brother.  Many suspected that Brooke’s motive was the $55,000 she gets paid monthly from the boys father Charlie Sheen for child support.

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Brooke Mueller Loses Custody Of Her Children Because Of “Unsafe Environment”

Brooke Mueller Loses Custody Of Her Children Because Of "Unsafe Environment"

Charlie Sheen‘s former wife Brooke Mueller had her twin boys, four-year-old Bob and Max taken from her house last night.  Children and Family Services deemed her house to be an “Unsafe Environment” for children.  Brooke has had a long history of drug abuse and headed back to rehab for the 19th time in December.  Apparently officials think that Brooke is using again and they believe the children were in danger.

The children are said to have been put in the care of another of Charlie Sheen’s ex wife Denise Richards. I guess the officials felt that Denise was a better place to put the boys that with their father Charlie.

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Supermom Denise Richards Takes In Brooke Mueller’s Twins While Charlie’s Ex Tries Rehab Again

Supermom Denise Richards Takes In Brooke Mueller’s Twins While Charlie’s Ex Tries Rehab Again

I’ve long been a fan of Denise Richards but not so much for her acting (anyone remember Starship Troopers without cringing?). Instead, I loved her reality show It’s Complicated and the sweet dynamic Denise shared with her animals, daughters and doting Dad Irv. Everyone thought she’d gone crazy when she took one year old daughter Sam Sheen and walked out of her marriage with Charlie Sheen while burstingly pregnant with daughter #2 Lola Sheen.

Charlie certainly tried to make out like she was crazy, but when her ex had his epic meltdown that cost him his gig on Two and a Half Men despite his insistence that he was “winning” it all became crystal clear. Denise got out just in time! But what was great was that even when Charlie was at his lowest, Denise worked hard to let him continue to co-parent their daughters.

When he and a hooker trashed the New York hotel room, Denise (with daughters in tow) stood by his side. And more recently, she’s been standing by Charlie’s ex #3 Brooke Mueller. Despite Brooke’s troubled past and all her times in and out of rehab, Denise has made it a point to become close friends with Brooke. She is, after all, the Mom of her daughter’s brothers – twins Bob Sheen and Max Sheen.

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Charlie Sheen To Take Care Of Twins

Charlie Sheen Spends His Birthday With His Twin Sons and Brooke MuellerCharlie Sheen is planning to look after his twin sons, Bob and Max following the arrest of his ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Mueller’s parents will also help Sheen take care of the boys.

Charlie and her parents want her to enter rehab to get help for her troubles while they care for the boys. However, Brooke is refusing treatment as she doesn’t want to be away from her children.

Mueller’s friends insist she needs to be in rehab for “at least nine months” and has reportedly been told spending anything less inside a treatment facility would be a “total waste”.

“Brooke is calling the shots, and not listening to her family, or medical professionals that are telling her she needs to be at an in-patient facility for at least nine months, and not as a day patient, as she has done in the past.”

A source close to Mueller claims 30 days isn’t enough for an addict like Mueller.

“Anything less than nine months is a disservice to Brooke, and frankly, is a total waste.”

It is thought Charlie posted the $11,000 bond for Brooke’s bail after her parents refused to help her. She must return to a District Court hearing on December 19. Mueller could face up to six years in jail after being charged with assault and intent to distribute drugs.