Kimberly Stewart and Daughter Delilah’s Market Day Stroll

Kimberly Stewart At The Market With Her Daughter In LA

Kimberly Stewart and her daughter Delilah enjoyed a market day stroll in Los Angeles, California. The daughter of Rod Stewart turned single mom spent the day with her 4-year-old preschooler. The mom and daughter day was filled with a bit of retail therapy and a trip to the … [Read more...]

Kimberly Stewart And Her Daughter Delilah Stop For A Healthy Juice Break (Photos)

Kimberly Stewart Takes Her Daughter Delilah Out For Juice

Rod Stewart's daughter, socialite Kimberly Stewart took her almost three-year-old adorable daughter Delilah Del Toro to a juice bar in Los Angeles, California on July 21, 2014.  It is clear that Mommy Kimberly is already teaching Delilah how to make healthy choices opting … [Read more...]