Remembering the Summer Memories #KINDERmom

KINDER photo strip

Summer is winding down with the end of August and the start of the new school year. This is when most parents reflect upon their summer with their kids and remember all the special memories they created. What special memories did your family make? This summer, my family took a … [Read more...]

What Summer Means To Me


I live in Montreal, a city that tends to have some of the harshest winters in North America. So, when summertime comes around Montrealers tend to appreciate every day of good weather. Oddly enough, our summers are pretty hot and the humidity gets unbearable on many days. One of … [Read more...]

What’s Easter Without an Egg Hunt? #Kindermom


I love Easter egg hunts! As a child, I always looked forward to heading over to my Grandma's house each year to go on an egg hunt. My grandmother created egg trails that led to gift wrapped baskets full of chocolate and toys. She also created a fun tradition of finding the … [Read more...]

Test Your Luck With Kinder’s Crack’n Win Contest #KinderMom


Till recently I had deemed myself the most unlucky person when it comes to winning prizes. From the time of childhood, I was the unluckiest person. I never even got the chance to feed my class fish in kindergarden because somehow my name was never pulled from our class hat. This … [Read more...]

The Joy of Giving With Kinder Canada #KinderMom


The holiday season is an easy time for children to get caught up in the excitement of receiving. Nothing makes children happier than receiving a wrapped present with a gift that is at the top of their wish list.  That's why it's important to remind our children that the holidays … [Read more...]