Avoid Dressing Disasters


Have you ever fought with your kid to get dressed? Most of us have, but if you learn quickly what your child likes and doesn’t like you can choose the right clothing.

Three minor additions to your kids wardrobe can become a nightmare and sensory challenge. Buttons, zippers, and tags can drive your child into sensory overload and a meltdown. Over-sensitivity to touch and difficulty with motor skills can cause a variety of clothing issues, but if you’re prepared you can conquer your child’s clothing fears and avoid dressing disasters. … [read more]

Making the Grade: From an F to Honor Roll

Most parent’s want to be honor roll parents. We want to make straight A’s, but more than half the time we make F’s.

Failure is part of parenthood. You’re going to fail, it’s normal and natural. from mistakes to misunderstandings, parent’s will make F’s. It’s okay to fail, that’s how you grow and learn as a parent, but with a few pointers, you can actually go from an F to the parenting honor roll.

The first step in the parenting grade system is earning an E. E is for effort. As a parent, you have to put forth a lot of effort. You have to be up for any challenge your child gives you. Parenting is hard work, but with a lot of effort you can make the grade.… [read more]

The Three P’s of Power Parenting: Purpose, Patience, Persistence

Parents with Child

Parent’s aren’t Super Woman or Man, but with the three P’s of parenting, they can become powerful with the right super strengths.

Let’s face it, as parent’s we wear many capes and try to do it all. But we’re not super parent’s, we’re only human. Parent’s make human mistakes, but if you have the right super strengths, you can become a power parent.

The first super strength you’ll need to become a power parent is purpose. Purpose gives you direction. And direction gives you focus. When you become a parent and tend to aim in the wrong direction, you’ll lose your way. You’ll wander throughout parenthood aimlessly.… [read more]

Parenting through the ABC’s- Learn, Laugh, Love Your Way Through Parenthood

children-parentParenthood doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but with a lot of help from the ABC’s of parenting you’ll survive. The L’s of parenting are simple: learn everyday, laugh everyday, and love everyday.

From the time you hold your newborn until you die you never stop being a parent. Because parenthood is not an easy job, you need to practice the L’s of parenting. Learning, laughing, and loving help you sharpen your skills.

You’re not born with parenting skills. Parenting has to be learned. In most situations you learn as you go and grow as you learn. With your first child, you probably read every parenting book, take advice from family or friends, but you can’t really parent unless you learn from your own mistakes.… [read more]

Parenting through the ABC’s-Educate, Encourage, and Empower Your Child


Parenting isn’t an easy job. Kids don’t come with an instruction book and for eighteen years you have to learn to be a parent. Your job is to guide your child through his or her life. As a parent, you have to parent through the ABC’s. And one of the most important letters of parenting is E which includes educating, encouraging, and empowering your child.

One of your first jobs as a parent is to educate your child. You are their first teacher. You teach him or her how to walk, their first words, the facts of life, and much more. But what your teach your child isn’t as important as how you teach them.… [read more]

‘Tis the Season to Be Frazzled

With the holidays fast approaching and busy schedules parent’s become flustered and forget the true meaning of spending time with their kids. When you become frazzled, it’s time to step back and delegate responsibilities.

The best way to delegate is to follow these eight easy steps:

Divide your time. When you divide your time, you don’t have to rush through the holidays. Remember to slow down. As a parent, you main time consumption should be your child or children, not a hundred things on your to-do-list. Make an effort to spend most of your time with your family.… [read more]