10 Must Haves For An Easy Summer Road Trip

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With Summer right around the corner many of you are beginning to plan for your family vacation.  While flying is becoming more and more affordable, there is nothing quite like packing up the car and heading out on the road for an adventure.  As an experienced traveler here are 10 Must Haves For An Easy Summer Road Trip that I highly recommend.  Some are simple tips on planning your trip and others are products or services I feel are worth your time and money to make the vacation smoother and more enjoyable.  Whatever your destination, make this years road trip one that will go down in family history as the best vacation ever.… [read more]

Getting a Toddler To Bed

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Are you losing the night time battle to get your little one to bed? Would the video above be a little funnier if it wasn’t your life?

Most parents agree – routine is key, especially if you find yourself trying to persuade your little one to doze off at a reasonable hour. The trick is to set and stick to a routine that your toddler knows (without you having to say it) leads to bedtime. Eventually these prep activities will not just get them ready for bed, but will start to slow them down.… [read more]

Reading to Your Toddler The Why and How

Reading to Your Toddler

Reading to your child is a great way to teach them about the world around them and is also a great excuse for a lap snuggle. You are truly your child’s first teacher and books even simple ABC books and silly Dr. Seuss rhyming books can open worlds of imagination for the fertile mind of a toddler.

The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you go.”  -Dr. Seuss

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Tips for Getting Your Child to Eat Healthy

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One of the biggest struggles most parents have at one point in their child’s life is getting them to not only eat healthy, but enjoy healthy foods. There are all kinds of books on the subject. It can happen at any age from toddlerhood to teenage- hood. Here are some tips for getting your kids to not only choose healthy foods but start to enjoy them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for getting Your Child to Eat Healthy

Don’t compromise. It might seem easier in the long run, especially if you are tired, but don’t allow your children to ask you to make alternatives to meals you prepare. It is important that they are given opportunities to eat healthy foods, even if they are reluctant. Your child will be just fine if they skip a meal or two here and there.… [read more]

How to Afford Summer Childcare

How To Afford Summer Childcare

It’s that time of year again…

If you have school aged children that are still not quite old enough to not need childcare this summer, you may be wondering how you will fit it into your budget.  Don’t worry! There are many ways you can make childcare for your older children work while they are out of school for the summer and still keep it within your price range.… [read more]