Earth Day: 5 Simple Ways to Teach Kids its Importance


‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.’ - Native American Proverb.

We have all heard the phrase: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” April 22 is the annual Earth Day and a great time to teach kids its importance. In reality, many of us know the basics of how to conserve the environment and have continuously attempted to protect it in our own small ways. The bigger challenge, however, is in teaching our kids to do the same. Kids often learn and imitate what they see us do, so it is important to help them learn how to promote Earth Day this year with these simple habits.

Recycle Used Items: Most homes already have separate bins for different types of rubbish. It is important to take it a step further and explain to kids what type of rubbish goes in each bin and why. Thereafter, it becomes easy to show them how to recycle certain items that are usually thrown in the rubbish bin; e.g., planting seeds in toilet paper roll holders, repainting used coffee cans and using them to store pens and colors, melting used crayons to make color molds for future use, etc. Basically, the list of items to recycle is endless.… [read more]

Tantrums: What Do They Mean?

Tantrums: What Do They Mean

The volume increases to yelling/ The body begins to flail about. The feet start to stomp. The anger has found an outlet, no matter how inappropriate, and suddenly a calm and reasonable child of 8 is in a full on tantrum expected in a toddler or preschooler.

Why? What does this demonstration of anger, perhaps even rage, really mean? There are two likely options: 1. manipulation that is attempting to get a specific outcome; or 2. a display of true anger that has not had an appropriate outlet.… [read more]

Six Ways to Have a Stress-Free Easter Celebration

6 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Easter Celebration

Easter is a fun time for family to get together and celebrate the occasion. For the people in charge, however, it can become a big headache to plan it all. There are ways you can get around the overwhelm when it comes to your Easter celebration – the key being shortcuts and compromises that allow you to plan a nice day without filling it full of stress.

Read on to find out 6 ways to have a stress-free Easter Celebration.… [read more]

Babysuiting: The Latest Internet Baby Trend


Get in on the latest internet trend and get your little one suited up. That’s right, babysuiting is a thing. 

The popular instagram posts are funny and easy to get into.

Lay out a buttoned up suit and tie on the floor, insert baby, snap a picture and include #babysuiting to join the stream of mini-CEOs invading virtual boardrooms across the world. … [read more]

Hosting a Child’s First Sleepover: Guaranteed Fun & Sleep


The first sleepover is a cherished childhood milestone, and a successful first sleepover is marked by loads of fun and even getting some sleep.  Whether boy or girl, the tools are the same: friends, food, fun, and some freedom from the usual routine.

Coordinating a weekend night is a challenge for most modern parents, but once scheduled, not much can stop the excitement.   So turn the baseball cap backwards, pile the couch cushions and pillows on the floor, and take a flying leap that makes mom squeal. 

Snacks, awesome snacks, are critical.  Pizza, favorite beverages, popcorn or chips, and ice cream are essential. Having pizza delivered is fun, but picking it up provides a brief road trip that can be a treat.  Better yet, makes personal pizzas from scratch. Just a little yeast, warm water, touch of honey, and flour, and the children can knead their own dinner.… [read more]

3 Applications Every New Parent Needs and Why

3 Applications Every New Parent Needs and Why

Welcome to parenthood in the digital age- there are apps for just about everything parenting related to keep you on track and up to speed with all things mommy and daddy-hood. But are they really all that helpful? There are some out there that can make life harder than it has to be, so getting the ones that actually help is imperative. These three apps are helpful for first time parents and seasoned pros, alike.… [read more]