There’s a New Babysitter In Town


In today’s technological world parent’s have become lazy. It’s a staggering fact as parent’s we let our young children spend too much time playing games on cell phones. The cell phone is the new babysitter in town. A lot of parents have gotten to the point where they think it’s okay for their child to spend hours playing games, well it’s not.

Playing games on the cell phone has many negative effects on your child. The cell phone is not a babysitter, it can be your worse enemy.… [read more]

Raise a Smart Kid


Kids aren’t stupid but today’s world makes it easy for them to become lazy. Parents have to train their kids to be smart. Ninety percent of kids today either spend time in front of the television or playing video games. Their minds are wasting away and as a parent it’s up to you to get them and their brain back on track.… [read more]

Setting Boundaries with Your Kids


From birth until high school graduation parent’s set established boundaries for their children. You desire to help you child become a better person by setting boundaries. The boundaries you set are to protect your child. With everything going on in the world around your child  needs  two specific types of boundaries.

 Entertainment: From toddlers to teens entertainment has always been a major issue. Television, music and technology are main concerns of parent’s. The boundaries regarding the three venue’s must be clear and concise.

[read more]

Road Trip Ready


I think every parent at some point dreads getting into the car with their kid. Whether it’s going across down or across the country, kids can drive you insane and you can become a distracted driver. Keeping your child safe and sound on the road means you have to keep your sanity.… [read more]

Let Your Child Fail


Let’s face it, parent’s want their kids to win. From sports to school competitions winning is drilled into kids from the time they can crawl. But as parent’s are we really sending the right message?

Winning isn’t everything and it isn’t the end of your child’s world. You have to let your kid fail. Kids need to fail. It’s part of life. Your child needs to know he or she won’t always win.

Their lives will be filled with disappointments and it’s your job to let them learn from those disappointments. Why should you let your child fail?… [read more]

Give Your Child the Gift of Giving

kids-volunteer-giveIt’s hard to believe it’s only eight weeks until Christmas! Your kids have probably already started making out their Christmas list. Unfortunately, it’s also the time for kids to have the “I wants”.

As a parent you’re torn between getting your kid everything they want and teaching them it’s better to give than receive. The holiday season can be a very stressful time for parent’s but it doesn’t have to be. This is a great time to give your child the gift of giving.

Regardless of their age, kids want everything and sometimes don’t understand they don’t need it all. It’s your job to teach them they don’t need everything. You have to teach them the true meaning of the season.  Give your child the gift of giving this holiday.… [read more]