Potty Time! 8 of the Best Tips For Potty Training Your Toddler

Potty Training Tips #PottyTraining

One of the most dreaded and yet looked forward to steps in your toddlers development.

1.Make sure your child is ready- Do they show signs of readiness? Do they indicate when they need to go, or have just gone? Do they do the “gotta go dance”? Can they stay dry for long periods of time? Are they showing any interest in using the potty like a big boy/girl? By all means give it a good try, if the time is not right stop for a month or two and try again.

2. Go shopping-  Make a big deal of this new step by going to pick out underwear or pullups with your child’s favorite character, and a special potty. Letting them pick out these items for becoming a big boy/girl will give them a sense of power over the experience- and we all know toddlers love power!

3.Set a Timer-  Little ones are easily distracted and may not always notice or want to stop playing when they get the urge to go. Set a Timer for every 15-20 minutes and let your child know that means its time to stop what they are doing and go.  Of course encourage them to come anytime they feel the need but having regular potty breaks will cut way down on accidents. This is a fun timer that would work great later for other activities like timed clean ups, etc. … [read more]

Irish Baby Names


There are never enough baby naming sources. It’s always fun to discover a new name you haven’t thought of or heard in a while. So in honour of St Patrick’s Day, and because I can’t get enough of clever baby name sources, here are some classic (and hopefully lucky) Irish names to consider. Enjoy!

Deirdre: Meaning: “sorrowful” may be the foremost tragic heroine in Irish mythology – but it is certainly a beautiful name. It also happens to be the title of a song from The Beach Boys album Sunflower. 

Rory: Meaning: “red king” is actually a unisex name with Celtic roots. It’s sometimes used as a nickname for Aurora and Lorelai – including everyone’s favourite TV Gilmore Girl. 

Teagan: Meaning: “beautiful” is one of my top picks. The trendy name for girls is actually a form of the Welsh name Tegwin.… [read more]

Smart Tricks to Save on Baby Gear

Smart Tricks to Save on Baby Gear #Saving #Baby

Having a baby is notoriously expensive. It can be a huge financial burden to take on but it doesn’t have to stress you out. There are many ways you can save on baby gear and get everything you need in time for your bundle of joy  that won’t leave you penniless.

Buy used only when it is safe. Many people will suggest that you buy used baby gear like strollers, clothes, cribs and car seats. The truth is, most of the stuff you can buy used for baby is not safe to do. There could be recalls on a n item you are not aware of or in the case of car seats, they could be expired or have been involved in a car accident. Instead, if you need to buy used baby gear, buy things like clothing as it is usually safe to do so as long as it isn’t too old.… [read more]

Dr. Seuss The Lorax Craft


Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2, but you can start celebrating now! While there are many Dr. Seuss crafts out there, you have never seen one like this before. Take a peek below at how to craft your own Lorax flower pot craft, complete with Truffula tree accents. This Lorax craft is so easy and inexpensive, and everything you need can be found at your local dollar store. Take a look at how you can craft your own.… [read more]

What New Moms Need to Know About Breastfeeding


There is a lot of conflicting advice about breastfeeding – and what you can and cannot eat is often a long and confusing list depending on what corner of the world you are nursing your little one in. It can be confusing to sift through culture or tradition and scientific fact.

The truth is that some nursing moms can eat whatever they like – and the key to healthy breastfeeding is moderation, balance, listening to your body and observing your little one. Here are some myths & facts about healthy breastfeeding to get you started. And as always, speak to your doctor!

Some strongly flavoured foods may change the taste of your milk – but most babies seem to enjoy a variety of breast milk flavours. The dominant flavours of your diet were likely in your amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

Occasionally, a baby may be fussy or gassy after you eat a particular food. Pay attention – if you notice a pattern, avoid that food for a few days before reintroducing again to see if that food really was the cause. A particular food may also be the cause if the baby spits up a lot, shows signs of colic, a rash or congestion – if they do, it’s time to examine what is going on.

It is entirely possible that certain foods do not agree with the baby. Common culprits include chocolate, spices (like cinnamon, garlic, curry, chilli pepper), citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, pineapple, “gassy” vegetables (onion, cabbage,… [read more]