Five Mistakes Parents Make with Bullying

Five Mistakes Parents Make with Bullying

Parents never want to see their children harmed. Bullying can make them do things without thinking and make the situation worse. The problem is that parents may not even realize they are making these mistakes. By doing so, they can make the problem worse and even create lifelong … [Read more...]

Coping With the Lies Kids & Parents Tell #NetflixStreamTeam

Little girl covering her mouth with her hands. Surprised or scar

Lying is something is something every kid discovers and parents quickly jump in to correct the behavior. Coping with the lies kids and parents tell can be easier by using pop culture and Netflix to bridge the gap. In a rare, but still insightful moment, my eleven-year-old son … [Read more...]

10 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

mother feeding her baby in the bed. sleeping together

Whether this is your first time breastfeeding or your fifth time breastfeeding, every nursing experience is completely different. Breastfeeding is something special between the mom and baby, but you can never have too many tips when it comes to making that bond last for many … [Read more...]

Bath Time Essentials & Tips With AVEENO® Baby


Like most new parents, I was worried about every little thing when my daughter was born. Newborns are so sensitive and when you have no parenting experience they seem even more so. One of my first concerns or challenges as a new mom was giving my daughter her first bath. Just the … [Read more...]