Heidi Klum Keeping It ‘Real’ With Her Children

Heidi Klum With Girl Scouts

Newly single mom, Heidi Klum puts her heartache behind her and takes care of her kids. The supermodel and host of Project Runway was spotted supporting her daughter, Leni and her girl scout troops at their cookie stand.

Heidi is one of the better celebrity moms, she is always busy spending quality time with her kids whether it’s taking them to karate or ballet, off to the movies  or chillin’ on the beach.

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Peaches Geldof Bares ‘HUGE’ Baby Bump

Peaches Geldof Baby Bump

Model and sometime TV presenter, Peaches Geldof posted a pic of her ‘HUGE’ eight month baby bump on Twitter declaring that she “can now officially not see her feet!”.  The 22-year-old announced that she was pregnant earlier this year with fiancé Thomas Cohen’s son who is due April 24th, 2012. Coincidentally, the due date is the same birthday as her late mother, Paula Yates, who died in 2000 from an accidental heroin overdose at the age of 41.

Peaches famous father, Bob Geldof, is thrilled that his daughter is having a boy, here’s what Peaches had to say to Hello Magazine: “Oh my God, he was so happy… The poor man’s been surrounded by women up till now, I knew he would be happy but I didn’t realize how over the moon he would be. He’s always been very supportive of me but he was really overwhelmed and emotional.” Peaches and Thomas plan to name their son, Astala Dylan Willow.

Shockingly, before she has even become a mum, Peaches has been nominated for a “mother of the year” award  for the Foxy Bingo Mum of the Year Awards. She is nominated alongside other celebrities including Amanda Holden, TOWIE’s Chloe Sims, Samantha Cameron, Holly Willoughby and Natalie Cassidy. You would think they would let her become a mom before nominating her, seems kind of dumb to me.

‘Three Times A Charm’ But Ben Affleck Is Exhausted And Overwhelmed

Ben Afleck

Ben Affleck’s third child, son Samuel, with wife Jennifer Garner was recently born and by the look on his face, things are pretty rough.

Jennifer is usually super hands-on with daughters Violet Anne, 6, and Seraphina Rose, 3, but this week it was Ben who did all the going back and forth to ballet and karate classes, while Jennifer rested and got acquainted with baby Samuel at home.  By the way, I love the name Samuel, it is really nice to see celebrities give their children real names rather than “Apple”, “Rumer”, “Blanket or “Coco”.

The Good Will Hunting star looks like someone who definitely needs a break, the weight loss, grey hair and haggard look make him look much older than his 39 years, time for a makeover! The couple have been here twice before, I’m sure they can handle it, but a new baby is a huge adjustment whether it’s your first or your third.

Jennifer and Ben are so down to earth and so low key, he would never have had this quiet life with J-Lo.

Later this year Ben will be busy on the red carpet when his new film, Argo, which is an upcoming historical action film about the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis is scheduled to be released.

Kardashian Nanny ‘Tells The Truth’ About The Family

Kardashian Sisters

If you’ve heard of the “Kardashians”, you know that this is a family is filled with spoiled children! From their tantrums and outbursts on their various reality shows, to Kim’s ridiculous fake wedding, we’ve definitely seen this family at their worst.

Like most celebrity kids, the Kardashian children had a private nanny and theirs was Pam Behan, who was hired by Kris Jenner in July 1988. The former nanny watched the Kardashian children grow into the mega reality stars that they are today. In a surprise turn of events, Behan has announced that she is writing a memoir about caring for the children and promises she will be telling “the truth”, here’s what she recently told Entertainment Tonight: “I would say they were definitely spoiled, any kid that grows up in Malibu or Beverly Hills is spoiled, but that doesn’t mean they were naughty or bad. They never disrespected me.” Behan goes on to say: “It’s going to be funny, crazy, zany, upbeat, positive stories and there will be no bashing and it’s not a “tell all.” 

TMZ were the first ones to break the story about Behan shopping around to book agents and since she has yet to find one, more than two months later, I am left wondering how interested people really are in this Kardashian “memoir”.

Oddly enough, Behan’s story has changed since she first announced her plans to write the memoir to TMZ.… [read more]

David Beckham Pulls “Daddy Duty”

David Beckham Daddy Duty

Despite all the fame and fortune, David Beckham is a dad like any other. He takes his sons to practice, he helps them with their homeowrk, helps put them to sleep and takes them to the park. The 36-year old was at the park yesterday, not playing soccer, but pulling some “daddy duty” taking care of daughter Harper and sons Romeo and Cruz. David seems like a devoting father, I love how he is holding Harper with ease and still keeping an eye on Romeo. Harper was enjoying some juice, while Romeo was ready for some basketball with his brother. Baby Harper is the only girl for Victoria and David and he’s happy about that, he told Telegraph magazine:

“I must admit I would rather it be three boys than three girls… By the time Harper is a teenager she’s going to have three older brothers that are going to be, well, men.”

Meanwhile, Brooklyn went for an adventure with his mom Victoria, she later tweeted, “Amazing afternoon horseback riding with Brooklyn in the Hollywood Hills! I love LA!” [read more]

Martha Stewart Welcomes Another Surrogate Grandchild

Martha Stewart

Business magnate and domestic diva, Martha Stewart, welcomed a second grandchild into her family. Stewart’s only daughter, Alexis, 46 years old, decided to have her first child, Jude, and now her second as well, via surrogate after years of trying to get pregnant with in-vitro fertility treatments.

The newest addition, a baby boy named Truman, was born earlier this week. The surrogate siblings birthdays are very close together with Jude having arrived a year ago this week. No doubt the siblings will build a close relationship with barely a year that separates the two.

No matter how these babies came into the world, I am sure that they will be loved unconditionally by their mother and spoiled by their devoted grandmother.

In the United States surrogacy is the new adoption and a thriving business, with celebrities at the top of the list. First there was Elton John’s new surrogate baby, then there was Nicole Kidman’s surprise announcement, Sarah Jessica Parker had twins via a surrogate and most recently, Elizabeth Banks welcomed her son, Felix.

Whether on their own, surrogate or adoption, in the US or outside of the US, this is about women and men supporting each other on the process of being a parent and loving children unconditionally.