Channing Tatum: Everly Just Got her First Tooth


Channing Tatum is loving fatherhood!

During an appearance via satellite on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (Nov. 15), the 21 Jump Street actor revealed that his 6-month-old daughter Everly just hit a big milestone.

“She just got her first tooth,” Tatum exclaimed. “It’s like a huge thing and its razor sharp. I think she’s going to be cutting me very soon. But its as cute as it can be.”

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Drew Barrymore: “You’re Not Supposed to Look Perfect While You’re Making Babies.”


Covering the In December issue of Women’s Health, Drew Barrymore talks about being a mom 13-month-old daughter Olive.

“Everything I’m going to do is going to have a real consciousness toward, ‘Is this a job I can do and still get home in time for dinner and have days where I get to do every diaper change?’”she tells. “Then I’m going to have to go out on certain days and work and not try to feel like the guiltiest person on the planet, which every mother understands.”

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