Ava’s Five Favorite YouTube Songs

Ava's Favorite YouTube Songs

Ava may only be two, but she loves YouTube. At her age, I barely knew how use my Teddy Bear Ruxpin (all the 80′s babies know what I’m talking about)! I have no problem letting Ava use YouTube as long as it is in moderation and to watch education or fun sing-along. In addition to what I teach, I think songs get her growing brain moving faster. Here is a list of her favorite songs:

1.  Five Little Monkey

In the last week, this has become Ava’s favorite video. She runs around the house shouting, “No Monkeys Jumping on Bed”. I couldn’t believe she was saying it the first time I heard her. It has really motivated her to use fuller sentences.

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Amber Rose Shares Sweet Summer Shots of Sebastian


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa‘s son Sebastian (Bash) is enjoying his first summer.

The new mom took to her Instagram to share a series of sweet shots of the 5-month-old and her enjoying the summer sun on Tuesday (July 30.

“Lovin Sebastian up in the pool. #Bash,”  Rose captioned a snapshot in which she gives Bash a kiss on the lips while in their swimming.

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Premieres More Than Just Her New Movie!

"We're The Millers" New York Premiere

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

While posing for pictures at the We’re The Millers premiere in New York City on Thursday (Aug. 1), the actress certainly appeared to be showing off a baby bump underneath her purple satin strapless dress.

Jennifer also showed off her huge engagement ring from fiance Justin Theroux on the ‘black’ carpet.

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Thor Is Returning! Official Thor: The Dark World Poster Released

Thor: The Dark World Poster

Not only is Chris Hemsworth Hollywood’s hunkiest dad, but he continues to bang out blockbuster movies that the whole family can enjoy.

This fall he returns to the big screen as Thor in Thor: The Dark World. In the follow-up to Marvel’s Thor, the mighty avenger battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. Thor fights an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith who return to plunge the universe back into darkness. In his journey he will reunite him with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

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Evan Rachel Wood Thanks Ricki Lake For Inspiring Her Natural Home Birth

Exclusive... Celebrities Coming And Going At The Airport In Salt Lake City

Just a few days after giving birth, Evan Rachel Wood took to her Twitter page to thank Ricki Lake for her documentary The Business of Being Born.

“I have to say thank you Ricki Lake for your inspiring documentary ‘the business of being born,’” the Mildred Pierce actress wrote on Tuesday (July 30) . “I never knew I had a choice when it came to labor. It taught me so much & aided my decision in having a natural home birth which my son & I are now forever grateful for.”

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