1. My wife had a bit of a problem with accepting herself after our last child. I just kept trying to support her and remind her that she was still beautiful and that all those changes she was having trouble with were the result of our beautiful children.

  2. After my second son was born I found a mommy and baby pilates class. It was awesome! He would lay on a towel next to me and we even used the babies as part of the exercises. It was fun and did a great job strengthening my core muscles which I had lost with my previous pregnancies. But I agree, you really do have to love and accept the changes in your body. Mainly because even now that they are 4 and 6 I am still not in a two piece and probably never will be! 🙂

  3. I am going to have to share this with some friends who are feeling a little self-conscious after pregnancy as I think it would help them so much! Thank you.

  4. It’s definitely important to keep taking care of yourself this way. I think booking a really nice massage every now and then would be perfect.

  5. It’s definitely important to take care of yourself. I have seen friends that have bounced back to their pre pregnancy body pretty quick!

  6. I enjoyed your great advice in this blog post. Realistic goals for changing the body are easier when we can look in the mirror and admit we can like the latest version of ourselves, particularly if it’s caused by pregnancy. It’s so easy to get tangled up in how we used to look instead of making a plan for how we can get back to it safely.

  7. It’s been such a struggle for me after having 2 kids so close together, to love my body. I know I need to embrace it, and i have become more comfortable more recently. These are great tips to boost how you feel about you post pregnancy body.

  8. I know that is is tough to get back in great shape after a baby (or two, in your case). But, if you have the will power, you can definitely get it done. Showing your body some love is a big step in the right direction.

  9. I really don’t love my body right now. After 7 kids it’s taken it’s toll. However, GD was to blame for the mess my body is left with right now. This is a great post, and helpful!

  10. I love my kids but it was really sad to see how having them has changed my body so much​. I think it’s important to learn how to love your body after having kids. I recently did a boudoir shoot and it has made me feel more confident with my new body.

  11. I don’t have kids but I’ve seen friends who have gone through that kind of hatred for their body after they had kids. It’s important to embrace you body and do what helps make you feel more confident.

  12. I think the biggest part is acceptance. So many times we compare ourselves to perfect figures on television and even in social media. None of us are the same. We’re all unique and we should embrace it.

  13. I used to hate my post pregnancy body. Everything was so flabby! I tried to lose the weight, and I was successful with that, but the stretch marks remained. My husband told me to be proud of my “tiger stripes” because not everyone is blessed to carry a child in their womb. You are right, just love the body you are in and everything will be okay.

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