4moms High Chair Review

Six Months and Ready to Start Solids!

Most people would agree that having twins is a challenge. It’s almost impossible to explain just how much harder twin babies are to singletons. Not just because they are twice the work, but they take up twice the space! Just imagine having two of everything – crib, bassinet, rocker, bouncer, etc. As a twin mom, I know the true meaning of clutter! My twin girls – Ella & Rose are 6-months-old and have started solids so we have added high chairs to that mix of two’s of everything.  

When buying a baby product, I look for something that is going to simplify my life – not complicate it! There is no other high chair on the market that fits this criterion more than the new 4moms highchair. I knew I had to have it, after getting a sneak preview of its innovative design at the annual ABC Kids Expo, in Las Vegas. 

4moms Highchair Review

Having a 5-year-old child, I know how irritating a highchair can be. It was almost like winning the lottery when I would attach the tray on her highchair when she was a baby and don’t get me started on cleaning that big bulky thing! With the 4moms high chair this parenting peeve no longer exists. Magnets guide the tray into position without having to use two hands or line up cumbersome rails. Better yet, you no longer have to worry about what I call the classic baby bowl shove – the one that makes that yummy spaghetti go all over your kitchen carpet. The bowls and plates stay in place on the magnetic tray top, which also helps assist with self-feeding. Additionally, the 4moms high chair is designed with easy cleaning in mind – no fabric to clean or nooks and crannies for food to get stuck. 

4moms Highchair Review

4moms Highchair Review

When designing the 4moms high chair, the brand recognized longevity is an important feature. Not only can my 6-month-old twins fit comfortably in the highchair, but my 5-year-old daughter too. I’m not kidding she begs me to sit in the chair everyday! 4mom says children up to 60 pounds can fit into the seat.

4moms HighChair Review

To accompany the 4moms high chair is a line of of accessories – bowls, plates and utensils – that are designed to work with the 4moms high chair. The high chair comes with one large bowl and lid from the set. I love its sleek design and plan on purchasing more in the future. 

4moms Highchair Review


  • Dimensions:
    • 28″L x 22″W x 38″H
    • 15 lbs
  • An adjustable 5-point harness that can be transitioned to a 3-point harness as the child gets older. 
  • 3 height positions
  • 3 tray positions
  • Removable, top rack dishwasher safe tray liner
  • Removable, foam insert is easy to wipe clean

4moms Highchair Review

I recommend the 4moms highchair for every type of parent. No matter if you’re a parent of one or multiples you’ll appreciate a baby product that makes parenting easier! The high chair retails for $299 USD and can be found at your local baby specialty store, Amazon and 4moms.com.

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Disclaimer: Celeb Baby Laundry has not received any payment as a result of this feature. I received a sample in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. says

    I looked at getting htis highchair and other similiar ones for my first and second child. My ONLY complaint is that it has no extra padding (understabably why) and therefore my extremely hypotonic baby wouldn’t be able to receive any use from it at all at 19mo old because he’d fall out :(

  2. says

    My cousin is having a baby in February and every time i see great new baby product I send the info to her. Things have come a long way since my kids were little. I had Irish twins and I also needed 2 high chairs, took up most of the kitchen.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger says

    We are looking for the perfect high chair for my granddaughter, who is about to turn five months old. This one sounds great because it can grow with her.

  4. Neely Moldovan says

    We actually just registered for this high chair. This was great to read to know what we are getting into! Thanks so much!

  5. says

    This looks like an awesome high chair. My kids don’t really need a high chair anymore but I wish this would have been around when they did need one. Plus I love how it looks how clean and modern it looks.

  6. says

    I’d say the most important attribute of a high chair is stability. I remember running to catch my friends kids when the were in their high chairs and suddenly with all the moving above forwards and backwards–the chair would start falling backwards!! This high chair looks very stable!!

  7. says

    Although we are way past the high chair stage, I think this is pretty cool. I’m glad you found the perfect high chair for you adorable kiddo and I’m sure it’s going to make meal times so much easier for everybody, especially for the mom!

  8. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks like a great highchair. My friend just found out she is having identical twin boys. I will have to share your blog with her.

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