Three Baby Shower Themes for Fall That Will Be Trendy This Year

Baby Shower

Fall is quickly approaching, and if you are thinking ahead to a baby shower you will be hosting when the months get a bit cooler, check out these ideas that will be trendy this year- and for good reason! They can be used for co-ed showers or parents-to-be with any style. 

The Bookworm

Go with the theme of children’s books and ask that each person bring one book with a handwritten note inside for the baby on the way. For invites, print out a page from your favorite children’s book and change the wording to the invitation wording. Play a game of Name that Author! And hand out a guest favor of personalized book marks. For a very simple treat that goes well with this theme make gummy work book worms. Make some cupcakes and place gummy worms on top. Serve them atop a large children’s book (to protect it you can cover the outside in plastic wrap) and place a sign next to it that says “Book Worms for the Tasting.” 

Geometric Designs

Instead of a typical shower theme, do one of geometrical designs. Make cakes in various shapes and colors, and use wooden building blocks as centerpieces (bonus- mom can take them home for baby). Hang a mobile of brightly colored 3D cardboard shapes above the buffet, and serve foods in various shapes on trays of different sizes and shapes. This is particularly great for the modern parents and keep things neutral for a co-ed shower, and minimal for the hostess. 

Brunch, anyone?

Instead of a lunchtime or afternoon shower, host a brunch shower! This is a fancy way of just having people over for brunch, but also doubling it as a baby shower. Host it with chic patterns that fit your space and serve food on clear plastic dishes. There’s really no theme needed because brunch is the theme. You can center the whole thing around healthy foods, or even around the color of your best dishes. This is a fantastic theme for any momma, whether they are high maintenance or just enjoy sipping coffee on the porch with close friends. 


  1. samantha says

    I really liked this post. There are so many ideas, it makes you just want to get pregnant or have all your friends get pregnant. soooo much fun

  2. Melissa Smith says

    This makes me wish I knew someone who was pregnant right now, LOL. I love the brunch theme so much that I might have to host a faux baby shower.

  3. Catherine S says

    I really like the brunch option. I have a few friends that just found out they are expecting so now I have some ideas.

  4. says

    I agree! I think a brunch shower is so much nicer than a lunch shower. Though I love afternoon tea, it is so nice to have a wholesome brunch with fresh fruit, scones, and muffins.

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I would enjoy a geometric design for a baby shower. So many themes to chose from it would be a challenge to pick one. Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite one of mine.

  6. says

    I love the bookworm idea. I love my children’s libraries so much, and I think any baby shower is going to be fun, but that one just sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    I would definitely want the brunch themed idea because I am a huge brunch fan! I can imagine all sorts of tasty dishes I could use with this theme.

  8. says

    There are SOO many creative ideas for baby showers now a days! I wish I knew about some of these when I was pregnant! My sister in law is pregnant now and I bet she will do one of these showers (she is SOO creative!).

  9. says

    What a wonderful list of ideas for Fall baby showers, I really love the Fall season. The color are so peaceful and I am certain anyone would have a fabulous baby shower using your ideas here!

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