Haylie Duff & Daughter Love the New 4moms High Chair


Haylie Duff and her 1-year-old daughter, Ryan recently celebrated the release of the latest must have baby product to hit the market – the innovative 4moms high chair.

In the photo released of the pair, the Real Girls Kitchen star smiles happily at her daughter while removing the tray top of the high chair. The youngster screams for healthy vegetables from her new 4moms bowl. 

More about the 4moms High Chair


The high chair uses magnets both in the tray latches and on the tray top to make mealtime easier for parents. Parents can easily attach the tray with one hand by placing the tray over the chair and letting the magnets guide and lock it into place. Magnets in the tray top help keep 4moms bowls and plates in place – minimizing the mess at mealtime. 

The 4moms high chair is designed for children six months and up. Its features include:

    • An adjustable 5-point harness that can be transitioned to a 3-point harness as the child gets older. 
    • A tray that offers three different positions to provide comfort for growing children.
    • Three different height options that work in any kitchen. 
    • Easy cleanup, thanks to the sleek design, which offers a removable foam insert and a dishwasher-safe tray liner
    • Each high chair comes equipped with one large bowl and lid.

Visit 4moms.com to learn more about the high chair and brand. 


  1. says

    A high chair of good quality was a must for my daughter when she was little too. A easy to clean up high chair was a must for Bella when she was younger too.

  2. Ave says

    This 4moms High Chair looks like an essential product for all families with small kids. I really like that the chair is using magnets for latching the tray. Makes the mealtime much easier.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks like a great high chair. I will have to share this with the new Moms i know. It would make a great baby shower gift.

  4. CourtneyLynne says

    Oooooo this high chair sounds pretty fabulous. I swear baby gear just keeps getting cooler and cooler!

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