10 Must Read Spring Books For Kids

10 Must Read Spring Books For Kids

With the season coming up, Spring books for kids are a popular read right now. It’s fun to learn more about the season as well as the weather and happenings in it, like the new flowers blooming!

Below are ten top Spring Books for Kids that your little ones will love!

  1. Welcome, Spring! by RH Disney

Frozen fans everywhere will love this spring book. Follow along as Elsa, Anna and Olaf celebrate the new season! Stickers and fun pencil toppers are included in this book from Disney.

  1. Spring is Here! by Will Hillenbrand

Mole is up and ready for Spring, as he can smell it on the way. But his friend, Bear, isn’t done hibernating. Mole tries many different ways to wake his friend, but will making a special treat do the trick?

  1. Everything Spring by Jill Esbaum

National Geographic for Kids presents a stunning photographic walk through the Spring season. Beautiful flowers and baby animals take part in this educational and engaging book.

  1. It’s Spring! by Linda Glaser

Visit nature after a long, cold winter with this engaging book about Spring. The book’s captivating illustrations are done with 3-D paper artwork created by the illustrator and her husband. Suggestions for nature study projects are also included in this storybook.

  1. Plants in Spring by Martha E.H. Rustad

Springtime is all about new plants blooming. This book shows how plants come to life, from planting the seeds to watching the lovely blossoms unfolding and providing color in nature.

  1. Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by ll Sung Na

This fun story shows have seasons change from winter to spring. It also discusses all the changes that happen in nature as the weather warms up and the snow melts away.

  1. Baby Loves Spring by Karen Katz

A little baby is enjoying the new Spring season and all that it has to offer! This book features flaps that can be lifted to reveal all the new things that have arrived with the season, including baby birds and butterflies!

  1. And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano

When the snow has melted and the ground is brown, a boy and his dog decide to plant a garden. They hope for rain and wait for the seeds to bloom – and find out it takes a while for the plants to grow. This is a great book for teaching patience as well as Spring to your little ones!

  1. Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson


The little gray mouse is experiencing the signs of Spring for the first time. He watches a bird and butterfly fly by him, and takes in the beautiful colors of a flower that has recently bloomed. Use this book as a great introduction to a Spring lesson!

  1. How Do You Know it’s Spring? by Lisa M Harrington

This non-fiction book features captivating photographs to teach children all about the Spring season. Filled with facts and interesting information on animals, weather, and Spring activities, this book is great for a classroom or homeschool.


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    I grew up in a household where books are the star of our play time. We were trained to read books and learned to love them over the years. These days most children would rather play with games on their gadgets. The list is very helpful especially to mothers who still has toddlers at home!

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    I like this lists that you make for parents who can give ideas about what books should we share or let our kids read during Summer time.

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    This is good for children but nowadays, children love to use their gadgets than reading books. it’s really very hard for them to do the reading without parent’s guidance. Recommend these books for family members here.

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    You got a good compilation of spring books here. Only if they can be bought here in local, I’ll surely get one for my son and his cousins. But nonetheless, it’s alright since there are bookstores here that offer such. I believe the ones you list here are available online, right?

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    These are all fun-filled books to read for the kids. My daughter seldom reads books but when she does, she won’t put it down just like her Mama until the last page.

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