Let Your Cat Indulge With Fancy Feast® Broths #LoveABowl

Fancy Feast® Broths

My cats love to indulge! That’s why I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths as a part of this sponsored post program.

I’m a cat person! I wouldn’t call myself a cat lady, but I have adopted a lot of cats since reaching adulthood and found great homes for them. Cats are generally easy to manage and affectionate while having a personality that is much more ‘oppinated’ than other pets. For example, cats love to eat, but can get bored of being fed the same food everyday. Cats like to indulge! 

Most cat owners are already familiar with Fancy Feast® products for cats, as it’s one of the most consistently reliable food sources for them. My cats, Melo and Amira are huge fans of wet food and like to share a can for supper each night. So, they were naturally excited to learn that Fancy Feast® has created a new line of Broths


All the best facets of Fancy Feast® products just got multiplied. The Fancy Feast® Broths are a delicious combination of delectable broth with real seafood and veggies. The addition of the veggies is definitely welcome in my house because it seems like avoiding veggies is a universal thing! It’s not exactly easy to force feed a cats! 

I’m particular conscious about what I’m putting into my cats’ mouths. If we have a hard time finding healthy food for ourselves, imagine how much more difficult it is for our pets! That’s why Fancy Feast® Broths appeal so much to me. The broths have a clear list of items used in every recipe and are carefully crafted with recognizable high quality ingredients while being free from by-products or fillers. 

Fancy Feast® Broths

The pouches come in 8 varieties that are crafted with Classic Silky or Creamy Broth, so it doesn’t get monotonous serving the exact same thing to your cats every day. Melo and Amira love their food, but I think they would get bored if it was the same thing, every day and every night!

Amira and Melo already know dinner time means Fancy Feast® and if possible they enjoyed dinner time even more with the new broths. The Fancy Feast® Broths are truly perfect for cat owners who want to serve their cats delicious AND nutritious foods. There’s nothing like seeing the expressions on their faces when they’re done with the food – you think humans have food coma? Amira and Melo will just sit there and purr after eating their broths!

Are you familiar with Fancy Feast® products already? Do you think your cats would like the new broths? 



Here is your chance to let your cats indulge in the new broths from Fancy Feast®! One lucky cat owner will win a $50 American Express giftcard and 8 pouches of Fancy Feast® Broths. 

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To Learn more about Fancy Feast® Broths visit the Fancy Feast® website.  

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast®.

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  1. Alaina Bullock says

    The favorite thing about my cat? That’s a hard one as there is so much to love about her! I guess, one is the unconditional love she gives!

  2. says

    I have always been a “cat person.” My beloved “Smokey” lived 15 years. We have two cats now and they are both approaching 12 years. It seem as though Fancy Feast has produced a cat food which will help keep cats healthy and living longer.

  3. says

    My cats love a little change now and again. They go nuts for anything soft!!! their most fav is the small treats,,,, when i call out chikkkennn all three come running, thank you for the great review. i will have to look into this and see if my cats like it.

    visiting from http://www.sammiesthoughts.com

  4. Lisa Bristol says

    I don’t have a cat but if i did we would use Fancy Feast. I have many friends that have cats and use it for there furry loved ones.

  5. Catherine S says

    I don’t have any pets due to my allergies. I will be sure to share this with friends and family. Thanks for the great post.

  6. Roxanne D. says

    I’m definitely a cat person and love everything about my kitty, Clarence, especially his personality. He is full of energy, is good with my children, and he loves to snuggle. He loves Fancy Feast, so this would be a great treat for him. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. lisa jones says

    What Will They Think Of Next I Must Get These Briths For My Kitten & Cat Love It & Love Spoiling Them Thank You1

  8. says

    Cats DO get bored! My daughter’s cat just out of the blue decided she didn’t like her cat food and stopped eating it after liking it for a long time! They really are funny little things. This cat food looks like one to try.

  9. says

    Wow, pet food just keeps getting better and better. If it weren’t for the Purina logo, I would mistake this as an instant afternoon snack. It looks yummy enough for humans! Hahaha

  10. Rebecca Swenor says

    I love cats but I am allergic to them. My brother has a cat so I will share this with him. These are awesome would be awesome for my brothers cat. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have two cats and they would love Fancy Feast broth. I am going to get some and watch their reaction to such a delicious treat.

  12. Eliz Frank says

    I’m a cat lover so I can relate to your post in a big way. Our cat, Tangy, loves Fancy Feast and he might go for the broth too… Will try.

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