Staples Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him #Giveaway


Men are not the only ones who have trouble thinking of the perfect present to get their significant other on Valentine’s Day. Giving a bouquet of red roses and a heart-shapped box of chocolates just doesn’t invoke the same emotional response from a man. Still, men deserve to be appreciated just as much on Valentine’s Day as woman. Staples Canada understands this and has created the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him.

valentines1. HP Slate Tablet | 2. Laptop Briefcase | 3. Kindle eReader | 4. Memory Foam Pillow | 5. SmartWatch | 6. Telescope | 7. Cooler Rack | 8. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

My hubby would drool over any of these items!

In particular, I love the Memory Foam Pillow. My husband is truly the most picky sleeper I have ever seen. He has a whole routine – dressing in a sweater, putting a blanket under him, fluffing his pillow (which is in serious need of replacement) and covering his eyes with a sleeping mask.  No joke, it takes him 10 minutes to prepare his “area” for sleep.  So, there is no better present for him than a new pillow!

What gift would the man in your life like from the gift guide?


Getting ‘him’ something for Valentine’s Day just got even simpler! Staples Canada is giving (1) reader from Celeb Baby Laundry (1) gift guide item of their choice.

This contest is open to residents of Canada.

To enter this giveaway please use the giveaway box below (takes time to load).

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The address of the winner will be shared with Staples Canada for the purposes of sending the item.

Disclaimer: Celeb Baby Laundry has not received any payment as a result of this review, but received an item from the gift guide to review. All products featured must meet Celeb Baby Laundry’s standards. All opinions are our own.


  1. Raji K says

    I’m going with the Kindle, however, it’s for my dad! He travels often, so this would be perfect! No significant other as of yet! cheers

  2. Amy Desrosiers says

    I like to shop at Staples here in the states. I have purchased my computers, desks, and file cabinet all from this great store!

  3. Brittnei says

    I definitely have gotten my hubby a tablet for his birthday before so I would say that these are definitely gifts he would be interested in. Awesome giveaway!

  4. Mommy2jam says

    Awesome gifts for dad here! My son has three of the eight listed, he is spoiled but he knows what he likes. Thanks for the other tips they are appreciated.

  5. Danielle @ We Have It All says

    I think my hubby would like the Samsung tablet or the hp tablet the best and next in line would be the watch.

  6. Colleen says

    My hubby would love the telescope! We have a place away from the city. He would gaze at the stars all weekend in the summer!

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