Dance Moms Recap For February 18th, 2014: Season 4 Episode 8 “Wingman Down”

Dance Moms Recap For February 18th, 2014: Season 4 Episode 8 “Wingman Down”

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Mill returns with a new episode of Dance Moms called, “Wingman Down.”  On last week’s episode  the moms were shocked when Abby brought a new dancer named Chloe in for a trial run on the competition team. Christi was concerned Abby would replace her daughter as the two Chloes went head-to-head.

While Holly and Jill were excited about their daughters’ duet, Abby’s was more excited about rehearsing the new Chloe. And for the first time, Melissa felt her girls were being overshadowed.  Did you watch last week’s sixth episode?  If you want to get caught up you can read our full and detailed recap, right here.

On tonight’s episode with Kelly and her daughters no longer at the studio, a lonely Christi isolates herself from the other moms. Kira and her daughter Kalani are tested for a spot on Abby’s competition team. Holly worries that Nia won’t be prepared for her solo due to Abby’s inattentiveness.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 4 Episode 8 – tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season  of Dance Moms tonight.



  1. Alicia says

    Abby is a bully to ALL of those kids but Maddie! I feel for Chloe because she takes the abuse everytime from Abby and is never disrespectful. Brooke has clearly lost her love for dance and you can tell Abby is the cause. Abby has used Brooke up now she talks garbage about the child. These are children and she is a grown miserable woman who needs anger management. Regardless of how Abby feels about the parents the children should NOT pay for what goes on between the adults.

  2. Alicia Lynn says

    Abby is a bully! Abby treats Chloe like garbage but the poor girl keeps fighting to win. Brooke clearly has lost her love for dance and its clear its Abbys fault. Abby used her and lived her while she was winning! How can Abby talk garbage to that child the way she does. Those children are not responsible for their parents words and actions. Abby should NOT take her aggressions toward the parents out on those kids! The only person that Abby treats well is Maddie and that is sad because Maddie is going to go out in the REAL dance world and find out she’s not such a top botch dancer….she’s going to have a rude awakening. Abby isn’t the best dance teacher in the industry either….if she was then why did she go looking for other dancers?

  3. Sarah says

    For sure, even to anyone who has just tuned in to the show, Abby is the most cruel to Chloe. I recall at the beginning of the series, Chloe beating out Maddie for a spot at the Joffrey Ballet for a year. Abby and Maddie were devastated. Is Abby deliberately destroying Chloe in favor of her more than visible love for Maddie. These two girls used to be friends and now you can see Maddie only is a friend when she wins.
    Christi – run away from this studio. Chloe is talented and can be more successful at a studio with a formal training from a teacher who knows how to behave.
    I realise this drama is for TV, but each of the Moms need to reflect on the damage they are doing their children and be better parents than they are.

  4. Robyn says

    I’ve heard Kelly is suing Abby. If I were a judge and watched ONE EPISODE of this show, Kelly would OWN Abby’s studio. She is pure horrid evil. The thing that really makes me sad is that I find myself routing for Maddi to lose because Abby has made me hate her. If a child loses, it’s because she never makes Abby’s corrections and the mother is too easy on her; if the child wins, it’s because of Abby’s choreography and her “reputation”. She is disgusting.

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