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Celeb Baby Laundry allows readers to get all their gossip on celeb moms while reading about my life as a mom to my 2-year-old daughter.

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  1. Terry says:

    More money and more time is much better any time of the year. Ava is a little cutie!!

  2. Annie says:

    I have yet to throw a big bash at my new place, but that is the very reason that I don’t want to. It’s a lot of work, but also quite rewarding. I hope I can whip up a smaller party so that our new home is warm this holiday season :)

  3. Jennifer Williams says:

    More is better most of the time! We never have big gatherings like this though I would love to. I am like you and love being in the kitchen preparing food for our friends.

  4. Theresa says:

    More time would be such a blessing. However, more chocolate is always appreciated too :)

  5. Michele says:

    More money is always good at this time of year–as for more time–well——maybe but no promises!! It is great that you have your family and friends over–that is what this season is all about.

  6. Robin says:

    Hmmm – I am going to say more time with my kids. They’re away all day in school, etc, so I would love to have more time with them before the big day!

  7. Liz says:

    I would really love more time in a day, but I think I’d probably fritter it away if I had it. But that’s ok, right?

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    I’m going to admit something strange now for months I’ve been trying to work out what Cottonelle is to us and the Puppy in the front of the pack just gave it away it’s Andrex – gotta love that cuddly Andrex Pup!

    Have to admit I have tried so many other brands but I always go back to Andrex and I’m guessing as they are one and the same (I googled to make sure) Cottonelle is just as lovely. x

  9. Coolchillmom says:

    Agreed! More is better during the holidays
    You can’t go wrong
    I want moe time and more joy!

  10. Rachee says:

    I just saw that there are eight days until Christmas. EIGHT DAYS! I have so much left to do. I too need more time.

  11. Pam says:

    I need 25 % more energy and then recover time for the holidays. It is getting harder every year. I love Contonelle. One of my favorite toilet papers.

  12. Tough Cookie Mommy says:

    This holiday season, I need more quality time with my family. It seems that with the daily stresses of work and life, we never have enough time to spend together so I am looking forward to slowing down a little and having that time together.

  13. Pam W says:

    We always host Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at my house. I could use 25% more time and 25% energy to get things done for those events!

  14. Ashley Gill says:

    We are a Cottonelle Family! A holiday party is such a fun thing to v do during this season! I used to host a holiday party for all of our friends but recently moved away. I’m missing it, that’s c for sure!

  15. Tina says:

    Christmas Eve is our big holiday get together. We fondue with lots of pots and skewers, then everyone has Christmas day to visit others or relax at home. Extra time,…extra money, either one is a good thing!

  16. Maria says:

    Great giveaway!! We are always stocked up on Cottonelle. I hate making multiple runs to the grocery store plus, when are we going to stop using it? lol

  17. Tess says:

    More time and money is good.

  18. Amanda Love says:

    I need more time to spend with my family. My job is super busy and there is never enough time in the day. I’m not a big fan of cottonelle so I don’t buy it.

  19. katherine says:

    More sleep and more clothes for me! That’s what I want for the holidays!

  20. Chrishelle says:

    I agree more is definitely better. I have a “more” wish list. It includes more time, energy, money, sleep, patience. I will stop there. At least Cottonelle gives us more every season.


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