Celebrating All That is Weird and Wonderful in the World #WeirdWednesday


Inspired by kids’ love for Weird But True books, National Geographic Kids has decided to dedicate this holiday season to celebrating all that is weird and wonderful in the world.

On Dec. 4, National Geographic Kids will crown Austin, Texas, as the inaugural Weird but True town of the year and and also celebrate the results of a nationwide survey of what kids think is kooky, unique and wonderfully weird about their worlds and themselves.

Here are some facts readers found the weirdest about their world:

Weirdest law in the United States: It was once a crime to look gloomy in Pocatello, Idaho. Runner-up: Owning confetti is not allowed in Mobile, Ala.

Weirdest name of a U.S. city or town: Pee Pee, Ohio

Michelle Obama has watched each episode of The Brady Bunch at least 50 times

What’s weird but true about you?

On the heels of Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, National Geographic Kids has also declared Wed. Dec 4 #WeirdWednesday. They’re encouraging the world to take over social media with weird but true facts and photos.

Here are some weird but true facts about me!

1. My water broke while napping at a park with my husband. Lets just say the walk back to the car was interesting 😉
2. I can make a weird clicking sound with my tongue that extends to my ears.
3. I still have all My Little Pony toys from when I was kid.
4. I ate pig ears while vacationing in Madrid.

Make sure to share what is weird but true about yourself on Twitter with the hashtag #WeirdWednesday today!

Disclosure: I am part of the National Geographic Kids Insider program.  I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. coolchillmom says

    mmmmm, something weird about me? let’s see how about I have and extra bone in my thumbs and can bend them to weird positions

  2. Terry says

    That must have been quite the rude awakening to have your water break while you were sleeping in the park. I would have thought at first I wet myself

  3. Mommy2jam says

    Wow that was weird and such a fun read! I can not imagine watching an episode 3 times let alone 50! Oh dear!!! Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed the fun facts

  4. Michele says

    Off hand I can not think of anything weird about me-that does not mean that others don’t think so!
    Well, maybe every single animal I have ever owned has declared themselves boss over me and I have allowed it.

  5. Pam says

    I think my weirdness would come from the fact that I am so incredibly boring. Eating pig ears is actually quite normal in the midwest. 😉

  6. tough Cookie Mommy says

    My kids actually have some of these books from National Geographic and they love them. They are intrigued by all of the weird but true information that they contain.

  7. Le-an Lai Angeles Lacaba says

    I love how they’re celebrating weirdness. This way kids with weird quirks are seen as cool and would be less bullied.

  8. Jennifer Williams says

    This is the first year I have heard of Giving Tuesday, love the idea of it. I am not able to come up with anything weird, it is too early in the morning.

  9. Corinne says

    LOL–I would love to live somewhere where it was against the law to look gloomy (except of course, until I was accused of breaking the law).

  10. Ashley Gill says

    There is a Pee Pee, Ohio? Oh my! The residents of that town… :/ And you were napping in a park when your water broke? I can’t imagine!!!

  11. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I want to hear your clicking sound! I love that you have weird stuff about you. It makes all of seem so normal because we all have odd things to share. :)

  12. patricia says

    Something weird about me is I can twist my foot back and forth and make my ankle crack over and over again. My husband hates it when I do that.

  13. Anne says

    My husband thinks it’s especially weird that I kept my teeth that had to be pulled when I got braces. I guess it kind of is.

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