New Fisher-Price Little People Characters: Sparking Little Stories and Big Imaginations


For the longest time my 2-year-old daughter, Ava would not play independently. If she played with her toys she needed mommy or daddy to sit with to her or join in. The only toys she seemed to pay attention to were those that she could hug and sleep with.

The move to playing independently seemed to happen overnight for Ava. While I was rearranging her toy box one day she became memorized by all the toys she had never bothered to look at by herself. She happily played alone and from then out she has been using her imagination!

Ava’s favorite imaginative play is pretending to be a driver on her Fisher-Price wagon rider. She loves to put her favorite toy figurines in the wagon area. She organizes them to her likely, puts the handle down and then rides the wagon all around the house. She often shouts, “Beep, Beep!” and “WEEEE” as she goes around.

That’s why I was excited to try out the new Fisher-Price Little People® characters.  In this great big world, Little People celebrates people, places and things through discoveries that spark little stories and big imaginations. They work to empower the developing child toward greater self-directed play.



Every child is unique, and Little People® pays homage to this with their five new characters – Eddie, Mia, Sofie, Tessa and Koby. Each character has their own characteristics and individual personality.


Mia loves pink and tends to be on the quieter side because she is a little shy. Ava also loves pink and her personality is similar. She gets super quiet in situations with new people, but after 10 minutes she starts to warm up and becomes her friendly self.

Visit the Little People page to lean more about each character’s personality.

What character reminds you of your child or children?

Little People, Big Discoveries Contest

In October and November, Treehouse will hold the Little People, Big Discoveries contest.

Contestants will be able to play a hide and seek game to find new characters on playsets, watch the videos and be entered to win 1 of 5 $265 Little People Prize packs.

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Little People® Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Terry says

    When my Daughter was young, she had so many Fisher Price toys. They were always so well made that had we not had a fire, they would have been around for her kids to play with.

  2. daisy says

    We love Fisher Price and Little People. My son is 3 years old and has a LIttle People airplane. He spends so much time playing with it.

  3. Robin says

    I remember when I was a child, I LOVED Lil’ People, but when I bought some for my boys – they just never really got into them for some reason. Sigh.

  4. Amanda Love says

    I remember Little People from my son who is now 12 almost 13. He loved them and pushed them around in a yellow school bus. I haven’t had the chance to introduce them to my toddler as yet. Will have to do that.

  5. Ashley Gill says

    We know all about the playing only with Mommy and Daddy a little too well in our home. I wish I could tell you it goes away, but I do not think it does! On the flip side, my son LOVES his Little People! He loads them up in the Little People School Bus and they all play for hours! I am thinking about getting him a few more for Christmas!

  6. Michele says

    Fisher Price has always had such great toys for kids–another company that has stood the test of time. I used to buy Fisher Price as gifts way back when for my friends kids (I do not have any)–that was one gift they always ended up playing with again and again! These Little People look like a great addition to all the other games and toys they have.

  7. Tough Cookie Mommy says

    These kinds of toys are so important for helping kids to use their imaginations and promoting pretend play. It is a crucial part of their normal development.

  8. Viccy H says

    What a lovely toy set! And I love the idea with the different characters! Fisher Price is a great brand – Tristan & Scarlett love so many of their toys xxx

  9. Eric says

    This was a neat post. Your daughter wanting to have you or your husband with here to play sounds so sweet. That is pretty neat that she liked to play with the human like Fisher Price Little People Characters. I bet there are other children out there that would enjoy them too. Great to know for people with little ones.

  10. Casey says

    I think it’s so adorable that Fisher Price is now assigning names and little profiles to the characters. What a great idea to help kids to get their imaginations going and start coming up with little stories and scenarios using the characters. By the way, your little one is so adorable; her sweet personality really shines through your photos! :)

  11. Corinne says

    Ava looks so happy riding on that toy! I love the Little People toys. I remember them from when I was a kid and I was delighted when my own kids developed a fondness for them too as toddlers. The classics never go out of style.

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