Alyson Hannigan Takes a Morning Stroll With Keeva

Alyson Hannigan Takes Keeva For A Walk

Alyson Hannigan was spotted taking her daughter Keeva out for a morning walk in Santa Monica, CA on Wednesday (Nov. 20).

Dressed in a long knit sweater, a stylish belt around her waist and tights, the mother-of-two calmly pushed her daughter on the stroll before carrying her some of the way. 

Hannigan recently spoke of critics panning the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother when it first aired on CBS nine seasons ago.

“When we started, they said, ‘Well, the sitcom is dead, why are you guys even trying to do a sitcom?’ “ Hannigan recalls. “Clearly they were wrong. So that has been nice.”

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet


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