Jessica Simpson on Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: “I’m a Lot More Confident This Time Around”

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Jessica Simpson who recently gave birth to baby son, Ace, insists she is more confident about losing the baby weight from her second pregnancy.

“I’m a lot more confident this time around,” she told MomFeeds.“With Maxwell I didn’t think about the weight I was gaining, and the first time I stepped on a scale and looked at the number…I mean, that wasn’t a number I had ever even considered…and I was faced with a pretty serious truth. But since I had already done Weight Watchers, I didn’t put on as much weight with Ace and I just know a lot more now.”

Resuming her duties as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, the mom-of-two has crafted a plan that fits her schedule while doing the weight loss program.

 “With a toddler on the run and an infant to look after,” she continued, “I knew I needed a plan that’s simple and fits into my life, along with the support that’s so important to my success. I know Weight Watchers works, so I got on the plan again.”

How did you lose the baby weight? Did you try any weight loss programs?

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  1. ren says

    My first pregnancy, I was a little on the chunky side to begin with. So I didn’t do much after I had my son and a few months later I was left with about 5-10lbs extra. I wasn’t happy about it but I always just did the bare minimum not to gain more. But I didn’t lose any either.

    Weight loss motivation is a state of mind. You get it when you’re ready.
    Just before my son turned 4, I saw pictures of myself in Jamaica (bathing suit) and I just decided that I’d had enough. I cut out all unnecessary junk food and alcohol. I still ate desert (small portions) and I still had my wine on the weekend. But overall, I made healthier choices and cut a lot of food out. Once I started seeing results simply from just doing that, I started to run on my treadmill. I lost almost 30lbs in 5 months. I was thin, for the first time ever!

    I’ve recently had a second baby. It was depressing to realize that I was back in my fat clothes. But I gave myself time and didn’t put pressure on myself. I waited until my new baby was on a routine and sleeping consistently in the afternoon. (About 4 months old.) Then I started running again. I’m down 10lbs and I have 10 more to go.
    Just like Jessica is saying, It’s easier if you’ve done it before and if you know there’s a way that works for you. Having a great partner to support you really helps too. My husband is on board with whatever new foods I want us to eat!


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