Make Snack Time Fun With Whooo’s Hungry Owl Crackers


Need help coping with a picky eater?

Try spicing up snack time with these cute Whooo’s hungry owl crackers. Complete with raisins for eyes and almonds for wings, this snack is a savory treat for celebrating the beginning of fall and the upcoming “spooky” season. Not only are these crackers healthy, but they are sure to keep your little ones both entertained and full.


Round crackers
Mini round crackers
Cream cheese


1.     Spread a layer of plain cream cheese on a round cracker, using the tip of the spreader to make small indents for feathers.

2.     Press on a pair of mini round cracker eyes (we pulled apart a Ritz Bits sandwich and used a half for each eye) and attach raisin pupils with a dab of cream cheese.

3.     Finish by pressing on an almond beak and almond-slice feathers.

Check out FamilyFun Magazine for more fun snack recipes.


  1. Dov Shapira says

    I love that good looking snack.
    That how I got my kids to eat veggies. I put them on bread and made it so attractive

  2. Pam says

    How cute and how simple. I was just wondering what someone could use in place of nuts since my son has an allergy. I do love this idea.

  3. Chavonne H says

    I love this! Never ever would I have thought to do this but it’s soooo cute! I had to pin right away. It looks easy to do too, well hopefully it’ll be easy for me.


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