Celeb Baby Laundry

  1. Renae C. says:

    My kids have thankfully never had lice. You never know, though, so thanks for the info!

  2. Karen says:

    JUst the thought made me itch. Glad I havent had to deal with it.

  3. Chelle @ Oh Just Stop Already says:

    Very useful info! My teen got hit with a case of it 3 weeks before school started. You would think that the world ended for her. Had to remind her that lice loves clean hair and stop sharing brushes with friends.

  4. Lori says:

    Great info. Thank you so much for it.

  5. Laurie - Steals and Deals for Kids says:

    I teach first grade so these are great tips! Thanks!!!

  6. Asha Butterflys says:

    With my son being back to school I am not so worried about him getting lice since his hair is so short.


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