Meet Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Baby Daughter North West

North West

Meet North West!

While appearing on the Kris Jenner Show on Friday, Kanye West unveiled the first photograph of his and Kim Kardashian‘s 2-month-old daughter.

“To stop all the noise, I thought it’d be really cool, on her grandmother’s season finale, to bring a picture of North,” the new dad said in the sit down interview.

The shot which was taken by West himself, captures the newborn looking directly at the camera while being held up by Kim (not pictured).

PHOTO: The Newest Picture of North West leave a lot to be desired

During the interview, the singer  admitted that after the death of his mother Donda West, he lost his path in life, but his new family has changed that.

“After I lost my mother, there were times I felt I would put my life at risk,” he said. “I felt like sometimes I didn’t have something to live for. Now I have two really special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for.” 

Now the most important thing for West is to protect his daughter.

“You’ve made a brand-new person. The thing I think about as a dad is just protection. That’s my only goal — to protect my daughter. That’s my instinct,” he told.

What do you think of the big reveal?


  1. someone says

    you call this baby cute?? its a UGLY product of SKANKY KIM KARDASHIAN and SLOPPY KAYNE MESS…this baby is UGLY ..more like a UGLY DUCKING….

    • Rodney allen Ripley says

      LOL I love it!! Damn thats one FUGLY Baby no matter many say its cute!! I guess they named her North Wets because of ALL the action she will be doing when she gets old enough! Hey GREAT PORN name hahahahaha

    • Jade says

      What a mean thing to say!! so vicious towards a baby!!
      If u dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all!!!

      Beautiful baby!!!

  2. Carmen Jones says

    Let’s not call the baby names, she can’t help who her parents are. I’m just sad she will not have the guidance of her Grandmother Donda, This baby will have no female role models to look to, pray for her, don’t reject her.

  3. ESME says


  4. valerie says

    its a baby nothing special , not ugly not cute. What this baby has is a life of dealing with a name that will plague her until she legally changes it. What the hell were those 2 parents ( i use the term loosely) thinking when they picked the name North ! I can bet anything bad name or not she will learn how to be famous for being what ???? famous !!! North will learn how to capitalize financially in every way possible. How many shows do you know where the subject of cooking ones placenta makes a $ in all their pockets ! We have to give a lot of thought to all these reality shows ! The name Kardashian was known in legal circles by her father for defending OJ .Kris and the whole family minus Bruce will do anything for a $ .When you think about it its pretty sad

  5. Blue says

    What I find sad is the lengthy posts attached to this baby picture. It’s a baby picture not an opportunity to slam someones parents or ancestry. Have you all no self control?

  6. jules says

    That IS a cute baby and the way Kanye spoke about her made me feel there is some hope left for this guy. He earned some respect from me after losing it all with his past antics. Unfortunately for the baby, besides her name, she is likely to grow up to be as ridiculous as her grandmother and mother and aunties are. .I could be wrong since her birth seems to have had a positive affect on her dad but chances are I’m probably right. Only time will tell.

  7. Genifer says

    well is this why kim k was holding out to show the baby??., actually the baby looks alot like kanye ,,,and then some…oh…which also is said the baby is UGLY…… it going to be FAT like kim?? what about that /her HUGH ASS?? , all those kasrdashians are SKANKS……..

  8. Piper & Hailey, & Jenelle says

    OMG………………..!!!,, what a UGLY BABY…………KIM K…!!!!, you shouldnt show your fat body …and Kanye MESS…do you ever change your clothes?? and by the way…hope you GO TO JAIL for hittinh that peson…and maybe FATSO KIM will loose WEIGHT….., OH…the other skankdashian….Kourtney your kids are UGLY TOO we cant stand the skankdashians…….

  9. guest says

    What a bunch of rude comments by a bunch if ignorant people. How can you talk about a baby the way you are. And you all know who you are. Say what you want about the parents, but the baby. wow.
    I sure would like to see a photo of all you nasty sick posters here ..

  10. Jen says

    Nobody has the right to judge except Our higher power. Everyone deserves a chance, Including North West. So, if you have nothing nice to say, STFU :) Just like mama taught you.

  11. As says

    There are too many people taking the hatred of the parents out on this beautiful child.This child is not ugly.She will grow up and look like her mother,which by the way is a good looking woman.

  12. Jody says

    Piper, Hailey and Jenelle … you just show your ignorance and immaturity when you write such trash. I am NOT a fan of either Kim Kardashian or Kanye West … not at all. But that baby isn’t ugly … she’s a cute little girl. Your arrogant comments only make you look like the immature little brats that you obviously are. Please grow up.

  13. thussaiththewalrus says

    OOOhhheeeeee, is that a FUGLY baby! Odd shaped face; jowls like Richard Nixon!

    The media HAS to say the baby is fab, cute, whatever, to ensure access!

    But, we don’t have to lie; that baby is GNARLY! Looks like an angry Hispanic male! LOL

    • jojo babii says

      wow for all the bitches who talk shit about this baby stfu grow up little bitches yull guys will karma this life or the next

  14. thussaiththewalrus says

    Jen: People have the right to say what they believe (following the rules of engagement for debate), without being scolded by YOU! They are not required to speak as YOU have determined this topic be treated.

    Your “be nice” scenario has NEVER applied to “public people.” And, sadly, this GREEDY BUNCH are even using the baby as a public money maker.

  15. Jazmine says

    EWW, that baby’s head is squared just like its pompous, self-centered, rude father and I am sure the babys a55 is huge just like the vapid, vacuous, self-centered mother…Great, just what this world needs, another shallow, vacuous, self-centered person to the second degree!!!

    • Benny says

      Like everyone else ,you fell for it ! is not their baby ,it is someone’s baby. the baby was a premature baby ,this one looks like six months already …ha ha ha I saw that photo three weeks ago the same one! they are playing with your brains ,this people are liars like the weeding she had, all for ratings ……

  16. Benny says

    You guys are a bunch of suckers…ha hah that is not their baby ,the baby was preemie ,the photo was take it 3 weeks ago when the baby supposed to be just one month? this baby looks like 6 months already…I can’t believe you insult our intelligence indeed….this is a fake not their baby for sure ….this people will do ANYTHING to seal to the tabloids and be in the news it makes me sick!

  17. TheOne says

    Some people are just true morons. What in the world the baby did till you guys cursin this bad? Its an innocent poor soul that knows nothing. So stop being a d1ckhead.

  18. MSBAKERDW says


  19. Niki says

    If daddy wants to keep that family he claims to love so much, he needs anger management classes. I feel pretty sure Kim is about sick of his antics by now and ready to kick him by the curb. I can see it written all over her face. She is thinking how to get rid of him and keep her baby to herself. My observation……

  20. Megan says

    I’m so sick to my stomach reading these comments! I’m not crazy about her parents, but she is an INFANT!!! I read a post where someone was making fun of North West for having a huge ass… talking about what she’ll be when shes older… i’m disgusted. Shame on you all :( North is a beautiful baby <3

  21. kayla griffiths says

    Who ever would call a baby ugly needs smacked. Yes she’s cute that’s it cute! Kourtneys babies are gorgeous. The baby has a perfect mixture if bith parents though an I’m sure shr will grow into a beatut queen kanye an kim will make sure of it even if it calls for surgrey.

  22. Holly says

    This baby is beautiful. How any grown adult could call an innocent baby something as cruel and heartless as some of the comments I have read..YOU ALL ARE HORRIFICALLY NASTY AND UGLY ON THE INSIDE! Get some love in your hearts and NEVER PROCREATE!

  23. Lucyloo says

    All you douchebags that r calling this baby ugly, please put a pic up of ur own kids nd c what ppl have 2 say about them. I bet u wouldn’t like it one bit!! This baby is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! What ignorant nd disgraceful ppl u r, Shane on all of u nd u know who u r…Please do everyone a favor nd end ur lives…pretty please??

  24. Nancy says

    The baby is cute. She is an innocent victim, so don’t call her names. I feel sorry for what she will face as she grows older. A mother who will never live down her sex tapes, and a father that is violent. They probably should move to an island.

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