Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?

Well look what I just came across!

According to OK! Magazine, Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her third child.

“Yes, I’m Pregnant!” the magazine quotes the reality star as saying on the cover of their new issue.

The mom of two has been open about wanting more children. Before giving birth to daughter Penelope, she told boyfriend Scott Disick she would not be going on the pill again.

“I need to see what it’s like when I have two, but [having kids] is what life is about,” Kourtney responds. “I’m not going on the pill [after giving birth to Penelope]. I don’t believe in it anymore!”

Would Kourtney actually get pregnant before Kim can market her newest addition, newborn daughter, North West?

Maybe, Kourtney is trying to hold of on an official announcement till Kim makes her post-baby body debut and shows of baby North to the world?

What do you think? Is Kourtney pregnant?


  1. Katie Casteel says

    This time ,Scott better help you more than he did Penny! I felt so sorry you almost had to do it all Kourt.Scott Listen Up! If you don’t,I will come out wheel chair and all, and give you a sense of the real world.

  2. Theresa l says

    Kourtney is jealous that Kim ‘s baby North is getting all the attention right now .she was the center of attraction with her 2 kids. She was already jealous when Scott and her mother were giving Kim all the attention while she was pregnant. Shame on you Kourtney! I used to like you but now I don’t know ! Spitting out a bunch of kids for Scott but you dont love him enough marry him!

    • bkisses says

      I dont think she is jealous of her sisters kid. I think its excites her being an auntie. she seems to love children and if she wants more so be it.

  3. DFief says

    Scott Dissick has come a long way. It can’t be easy being with that family, all the drama and all those women! Until you live their lives and walk in their shoes…don’t judge!

    • L.Strawn says

      wow! some people need to lay off the hateraid!!! Congrats Courtney! you are a great mom w/ an adorable family. my Gma just passed on Xmas eve and she once told me ” when u have 1 you put them on your hip & take them every where, when you have 2 you have to pack up the whole house before you go anywhere, and when the 3rd one comes you’re better off to just stay home! ” Soooo true! :) for me anyway!

  4. bkisses says

    look if she wants more children GOD BLESS HER.. she is a good mom and she does love her kids they are always around her.. I hope she does have more kids.

  5. Deidra Bemis-Irving says

    I believe they need to get married before they keep having kids. More blessings will come there way!

  6. Dehlia Lopez says

    Interesting. Well, here’s my guess, and my hope. I hope she isn’t pregnant. Scott is a louse, as a husband and father. He is totally a weak individual and the support Kourtney really needs, she has not received from him no matter if he is the sperm donor of her two children. He doesn’t work, and is worthless. Living off his wife for all this time. Her children need more than a playboy, a whiner, irresponsible and an absolute joke. To heat that he had an affair on Khoutney was sad. But these young women come back after being cheated on. I am sorry, but the sisters brought just too much this year. Scott was left to his own devises, and like a weasel he found a willing partner to cheat on his wife. Maybe if the man had boundaries, like a real job, and a schedule instead of blowing money. And at his age trolling clubs. I stopped watching after the mom started actingblike she was Kim’s age, dressing differently, trashingvher marriage, getting into bossy situations. The K’s are annoying, the son neefs help and neither mom nor step dad recognize his cry for help.


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