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Celeb Baby Laundry allows readers to get all their gossip on celeb moms while reading about my life as a mom to my 2-year-old daughter.

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  1. D. Schinsky says:


  2. S.Leidy says:

    I think it’s wonderful !!

  3. Jul says:

    man, she’s poppin out kids like skittles, lol! Congrats to Kourtney. Too bad its with that idiot again.

  4. Katie Casteel says:

    This time ,Scott better help you more than he did Penny! I felt so sorry you almost had to do it all Kourt.Scott Listen Up! If you don’t,I will come out wheel chair and all, and give you a sense of the real world.

  5. Lee says:

    Who Cares anyway they can afford to pop out 20 kids!

  6. FlamingoNut says:

    It’s too bad she has such a loser for a non-husband.

  7. [...] rumors are still circulating that Kourtney is pregnant again with her boyfriend Scott Disick.  In the photo above where Kourtney is wearing a green and blue [...]

  8. joann says:

    Does this idiot know the names of any of her children’s fathers. I think we have another suliman chick on our hands.

  9. Theresa l says:

    Kourtney is jealous that Kim ‘s baby North is getting all the attention right now .she was the center of attraction with her 2 kids. She was already jealous when Scott and her mother were giving Kim all the attention while she was pregnant. Shame on you Kourtney! I used to like you but now I don’t know ! Spitting out a bunch of kids for Scott but you dont love him enough marry him!

    • bkisses says:

      I dont think she is jealous of her sisters kid. I think its excites her being an auntie. she seems to love children and if she wants more so be it.

  10. DFief says:

    Scott Dissick has come a long way. It can’t be easy being with that family, all the drama and all those women! Until you live their lives and walk in their shoes…don’t judge!

    • L.Strawn says:

      wow! some people need to lay off the hateraid!!! Congrats Courtney! you are a great mom w/ an adorable family. my Gma just passed on Xmas eve and she once told me ” when u have 1 you put them on your hip & take them every where, when you have 2 you have to pack up the whole house before you go anywhere, and when the 3rd one comes you’re better off to just stay home! ” Soooo true! :) for me anyway!

  11. bkisses says:

    look if she wants more children GOD BLESS HER.. she is a good mom and she does love her kids they are always around her.. I hope she does have more kids.

  12. erica says:

    Congratulations to your growing family :) from the BAYARDO Family

  13. eileen says:

    Congratulations Kourtney!!

  14. pam says:

    Reply If it’s true Kourtney & Scott need to make it official by getting married,it’s long overdue. Pam

  15. Lele says:

    Yaaaay kourt…if u are im happy for u not about scott thou!!

  16. Sonya Becker says:

    Congrats kourtney, happy for you and scott

  17. Rachel Symons says:

    Time you married Scott !!!!!

  18. Deidra Bemis-Irving says:

    I believe they need to get married before they keep having kids. More blessings will come there way!

  19. Sam says:

    This blog takes everything they see in the TABLOIDS and post it as fact.

  20. Jeff says:

    Is there anyway to sterilize these whores?

  21. LORI says:



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