Kim Kardashian Hits Back at Critics By Showing Off Her Pregnant Bikini Body


After months of criticism over her pregnancy weight gain, Kim Kardashian shows off her growing curves in this weeks issue of Us Weekly.

The seven-month pregnant reality star poses in purple string bikini during a highly publicized family to beautiful Greek island of Mykonos.

“She’s loving the seventh month,” a source tells of the mom-to-be. “And she thinks pregnancy is so cute”

I am not one to criticize a pregnant woman who has gained weight. I have been pregnant and understand it is challenging. However, I have little respect for Kim. She made sure not to let any paparazzi see her in a bikini during the entire vacation. Then in a damage control move she sells a highly photoshopped picture of herself to US Weekly!

Everyone knows Kim doesn’t look like this and that’s fine. She should be honest about her weight gain.

What do you think of this bikini shot of Kim? Do you think Kim should embrace her weight gain?


  1. Vitsing says

    Kim was always big in the backside and thighs. She’s going to have a massive challenge getting the weight off after first baby. But then again, she can afford the best trainers in the world.

    The real question is, will she be committed to weight loss and toning? We will see!

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