Josh Duhamel: Childbirth “Is Beautiful”

Julianne Hough & Josh Duhamel Promote "Safe Haven" In London

While appearing on Chelsea Lately Wednesday (April 3), Josh Duhamel told Chelsea Handler that he plans to be in the delivery room when his wife Fergie gives birth to their first child.

“I will be there. She says that I can’t be anywhere below right here,” he explained, pointing to his chest. “You know, because some women get nervous about the actual birthing process.”

“Some men don’t recover from that in all fairness,” Handler joked. “But for me,” he added. “I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

The Safe Haven star also revealed that this baby-to-be was a long time in the making for the couple.

“We’ve been trying for the last year or so,” he shared. “We’ve been trying for this for quite a while.”

What do you think? Would or did you let your husband watch the birth of your child?

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet


  1. Roberta says

    Good for him for wanting to be a part of the birthing process….we’ll see how long that lasts, right?

  2. Jen says

    LOL yes childbirth’s beautiful when you’re standing by, your body still in tact, slugging a beer and watching…..


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