Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry Is Pregnant Again

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry Is Pregnant Again

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin are expecting another baby together.  The 21-year-old always said she would like to have more children, but did not expect it to happen quite so soon.

Kailyn’s sister-in-law Lidia Marroquin exclusively tells In Touch: “They’re overjoyed! When Kailyn told Javi, he cried.”  While they weren’t planning to add to their brood quite yet, “they weren’t preventing it, either,” a friend of Kailyn’s tells In Touch. “They’re nervous about the transition to two children, but are so excited!”

This is the second child for Kailyn who has a three-year-old son, Isaac, from ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.  Over the past three years Kailyn has talked about the difficulties of raising a baby on Teen Mom 2.

Javi loves being a step-father to Isaac.  The two are nervous about adding a second child to their family but they are excited.  Kailyn married Javi in September 2012.

To find out more about the new baby pick up the current issue of In Touch!


  1. melissa says

    you all really need to stop hating on this poor girl. She has been a great mom to Isaac, better than most grown people I know. I for one am happy for her. Didnt your parents ever teach you not to say anything if you couldnt say anything nice.

  2. Joan says

    Melissa, you gotta be kidding! Kailyn uses Isaac as a pawn to get her own way and drive Jo nuts, which is what she wants. She’s SO unstable and has no business whatsoever having yet another child. What she first (and desperately) needs is anger management—-she’s always pissed off….as is Jenelle, another head-case.


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