Meet Leah Calvert’s Newborn Daughter Adalynn Faith


Meet Leah Messer Calvert‘s third child, baby girl, Adalynn Faith!

The Teen Mom 2 star and husband Jeremy Calvert welcomed the newborn on Feb. 4.

“We were amazed — she was just so beautiful,” the proud mom tells Us Weekly of seeing her tiny baby’s face for the first time. “She reached out and grabbed hold of Jeremy’s little finger. It was very emotional.”

The young mom tells Us that her two older girls – Aliannah and Aleeah that she shares with ex-husband, Corey Simms are starting to get the hang of having a younger sibling.

“They were trying to pick her up and carry her around,” Messer said. “We had to put a stop to that! I think they get the concept now.”

To read the full interview pick up the new issue of Us Weekly this week.


  1. Jocelyn says

    I hope Leah does well – it would be nice if one of these ‘Teen Moms’ actually has a healthy, normal life!

  2. Lots of Love from Canada says

    Leah, you are a great mum. Please don’t listen to people who are mean to you on twitter or fb, they are just bitter people trying to judge you because their life isn’t exciting or happy. You and your family are so sweet and pretty, don’t let losers make you feel sad. <3


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