Bethenny Frankel Picks Up Bryn From School On a Cold Big Apple Day

Bethenny Frankel Picks Bryn Up From School

Bethenny Frankel was spotted picking up her daughter Bryn from school in New York City on Monday (March 4).

The Skinny Girl mogul was dressed stylish is a brown coat paired with a scarf, black jeans and brown leather boots. She looked to be enjoying the cold weather while her 2-year-old looked less than pleased.

Frankel is said to be upset that soon-to-be ex-husband Jason Hoppy is still wearing his wedding ring.

“Bethenny just can’t understand why Jason is still wearing his wedding ring! It makes absolutely no sense to her because they have zero plans for reconciliation,” a source close to the reality star tells RadarOnline. “Bethenny thinks he’s doing it to garner sympathy and to appear as the wounded party. Jason told her he’s still wearing the ring so that their two-year-old daughter, Bryn doesn’t get confused. But that reasoning doesn’t fly with Bethenny because Bryn’s still too young to understand that her parents are getting divorcing, or to even comprehend what that means.”

The former couple are in the middle of a messy divorce and are also fighting over custody of Bryn.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet


  1. Mom of a little one says

    Bethenny, for the sake of little Bryn

    Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a warm hat on her? I live in the NYC area so I know it’s been in the 30s and 20s for he past few weeks. It is too cold for the little tots to be out there not properly dressed!

    All of the kids in my son’s preschool must wear a hat when they go outside. If they forget to bring one, the school loans them a hat for that day. And at that age, it doesn’t matter if the kid protests and says “I don’t WANT to wear a hat!”

    Why would anyone do that to their child?

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