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Pamela Ray is a 20 something, mom to two and wife to a U.S American Soldier. Over my 20 something years of life, I've learned a few things about kids and they way they function, or don't function if your kids tend to be like mine! My beautiful babies are Jacob, who is 2 going on 23 and Aubree, who is a whopping 3 months old, she's still shiny and new! If my two babies weren't enough to keep me busy, I figured I'd make it real exciting and throw some more toddlers and kids into my house add one part toys, two parts hotdog and peaches, shake it all up and call it daycare! No, I'm not crazy :) There is never a dull moment around here. I'm excited to share my two cents on parenting and the survival of toddlers, newborns and turds...Oh, and everything else in between, which as many of us parents know, is a heck of a lot of stuff!

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  2. Jaysonsmommy says:

    I had an induction too I was 4 days over due 75% effaced and 1cm dialated I was induced Nov 29th at 7:15 am they broke my water, at 7:17 pm I was pushing and 3 pushes later after sleeping through the back labor due to the epidural, I delivered a brilliant healthy, never sick 8 lb 11 oz baby boy at 7:38 pm Nov 29 with no hair and big blue eyes I am pregnant again and am already hoping I can deliver the same way! Induction was the best thing I could have imagined! It was right for my family and my boy, he has no issues with any development at all.


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