Celeb Baby Laundry

  1. Sam Kidd says:

    Let it happen . She used the hell out of him. He should make it bad as hell for her. The whole family is disgusting. They need to LIVE ON their own island so we (the public) don’t have to see them everywhere we look.Trash with money. That’s all they are.

  2. [...] Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been arguing over the demise of their marriage much, much longer than they were enjoying wedded bliss. And now that Kim’s pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby, she’s more desperate than ever to end the union. It’s not that she’s ready to walk down the aisle with Kanye – or waddle depending on how far along she is – but she doesn’t want to give birth to her Kanye baby while still married to Humphries. [...]


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