Hilary Duff Loses Baby Weight and More

Hilary Duff Loses Baby Weight and More

Yesterday Hilary Duff tweeted a photo of herself (above) in an extreme Pilates pose that showcased both her flexibility and her nicely slimmed post-baby physique. Wow! Hil’s baby weight is long gone and she is looking slim and trim. She captioned the pic “Nice stretch… Mmm.” Hilary gave birth to son Luca Cruz back in March 2012 and has taken a healthy amount of time to shed the baby weight she put on. I never understand why (or how) celebrity moms think they can (or have to) take off pounds they gained over nine long months in just a few days or weeks.

Very few women can pull a Heidi Klum and be back in our Victoria’s Secret lacey things within five weeks of producing a child! Hilary wanted to take it slow after she gave birth to Luca and said, “I think the public expects you to instantly look how you looked before you got pregnant if you’re a celebrity. I think that’s an unfair pressure. I’m just trying to enjoy my experience and let my body do what it’s supposed to be doing, and work out and feel good.”

Hilary gained what looked like a normal amount of body weight during her pregnancy. I am always amazed at women like Angelina Jolie who only gain an amount of weight equivalent to the baby itself and come out of the hospital looking red carpet ready. It didn’t work that way for me and obviously not for Hilary. You can see below that she was carrying obvious weight a few weeks after giving birth to her son.

Hilary Duff Loses Baby Weight and More
But  now after months of Pilates and eating right, Hilary has gone from frumpy to fab and looks very svelte. It’s about nine months since she gave birth which makes perfect sense. If it took you that long to gain it, it should take you that long to lose it. But you can see below that she’s looking super cute and recently tweeted that she can fit back into her 26 inch waist skinny jeans again.

Hilary Duff Loses Baby Weight and More

Job well done Hilary! She has set a great example for “real” moms that shows that not every Hollywood mom is a baby-weight shedding prodigy. Makes the rest of us moms feel better that our baby weight didn’t just instantly fall off.


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